It is the Best Time to Purchase these Three DeFi Tokens

The global digital currency marketplace is confronting an ongoing cryptocurrency winter. the bitalpha ai trading app, the investment and trading platform, knows all about it! The culprits include alarmingly-rising inflation, absence of liquidity, and restrictive financial policies. They caused the value of tokens to decrease between 70% and 90%. 

It is the Best Time to Purchase these Three DeFi Tokens

Surprisingly, investors still deem the digital currency marketplace to be a highly profitable financial alternative. Therefore, they prefer to purchase, rather than to sell. It helps that profits do flow in, even amidst the crypto crash. It is because certain virtual currencies refused to bow to the inevitable! Amongst them, three of them deserve special mention.


The term stands for PrivaCrip Network, a layer-1 solution. The creator is Cosmos SDK, a fan of the PoS (proof-of-stake) consensus mechanism. The usage of PoS is possible via the utilization of specific consensus algorithms. These algorithms, Byzantine fault-tolerant, are linked to Tendermint. 

The PrivaCrip Network is keen on a specific protocol, titled Cosmos InterBlockchain Communication. Since it is a layer-1 solution, it is compatible with a large array of networks. This chain agnostic is interoperable with all of them. 

Certain encryption keys, network validator nodes, encryption protocols, and key management, come into play for ensuring privacy and safety of data. They must adhere to a particular hardware specification. This specification includes TEE (Trusted Execution Environments). The PrivaCrip Network protocol utilizes TEE. 

The PrivaCrip Network also desires to go in for Tokenized Data. The idea is to popularize protection first applications. The Network will also launch another useful information society.

PrivaCrip has a native token – PRCR. It proves useful for covering expenses on gas, for initiating governance, and performing transactions. The protocol focuses heavily on programmable privacy. As a result, it becomes possible for applications to design safeguards for ensuring security of data. These safeguards are arbitrarily complicated. 

The programmable privacy permits the wrapping of tokens in their fungible and private equivalents. The method is to use a private contract, which adheres to the PrivaCrip Network SNIP-20 standard. 

A generous rate of inflation suffices to lure stakeholders, users, and developers, towards protocol adoption. In case, it becomes necessary to do so, the inflation rate may change in future. All it requires, is a governance proposal.


It is linked to Cosmos, a digital currency, blockchain project. The project is keen to bring several blockchains together. Thus, Cosmos  aims to foster inter-blockchain communication. The development of the token, ATOM, is for initiating this kind of an ecosystem. 

It is possible for blockchains that reside within the Cosmos ecosystem, to be mounted. Then, they may work in alignment with one another. Obviously, Cosmos is responsible for supporting a unique architecture. The Internet of Blockchains permits member blockchains to go in for thriving in unison. 

Users may purchase services on the Cosmos platform, via ATOM payments. The token proves useful for staking validators, too. The higher the stakes, the higher the chances of receiving bonuses and gifts.

Purchasers of the ATOM tokens, may utilize them for transmitting, holding, and spending. They are essential for encouraging interoperability amongst all the zones, in the larger Cosmos network. Users may possibly vote for network enhancements, eventually. Every vote would be proportional to the number of tokens staked.


It belongs to the independent and decentralized blockchain network, called Algorand. The network offers a vast array of scalable, safe, and effective DeFi applications. It operates on the PoS (proof-of-stake) consensus mechanism.

A layer-1 blockchain refers to selected improvements concentrated on the core protocol. The most common improvements relate to sharding and the consensus process. Improvements suffice to enhance the scalability of the system. Algorand’s  technology helps to provide a conglomeration of extremely effective layer-1 blockchains. They suffice to create privacy, security, and scalability. 

Due to the improvements, the Algorand blockchain is far ahead of earlier protocols related to blockchains. These enhancements, include the PPoS (pure-proof-of-stake) method. This improvement is special, for it helps in obtaining decentralized consensus. 

PPoS serves to keep at bay a vital problem. It is that of the rich becoming richer! It does this by selecting miners at random. Their investments may be small, moderate, or large. It does not matter. It is unlike the PoS consensus mechanism, wherein only miners holding the largest stakes, benefitted.

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