The Ultimate NFT Marketing Strategy

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are hot stuff right now. A piece by pak, called the Merge, sold for $91.8 million in December 2021, making it the most expensive NFT to date. This doesn’t mean all NFTs have the potential to make millions, but it’s a growing marketplace and there is massive interest in non-fungible tokens.

NFT Marketing Strategy,


Why Build a Marketing Strategy?

The aim of marketing is to boost awareness of a brand, product, or service. In the world of NFTs, marketing helps you reach a wider audience. The bigger your audience, the more likely you are to increase your revenue.

Getting Started

Creators hoping to sell their NFTs for a huge sum will benefit from working with an NFT marketing agency, but if you are just starting out in this exciting field, there are a few things you can do to boost awareness of your NFT offering.

Identify Your Audience

Marketing an NFT is no different to marketing anything else: you must identify your target audience. This is the person or entity most likely to buy your creation. If you already have a social following or have sold an NFT previously, this question won’t be difficult to answer, but if you are new to NFTs, spend lots of time thinking about who might want your NFT and why.

How to Connect with Your Target Buyers

There are lots of platforms where NFT creators can release information about their digital work, invite discussions, and meet potential buyers. It is important to focus on the channels where your target audience hangs out, so you don’t waste time and money building a marketing strategy that is doomed to failure from the outset. The main ones worth focusing on include:

Discord, Reddit, and Telegram all have a lot of users interested in crypto and NFTs. Be active on these platforms if you want to engage with people who might be interested in purchasing your creations.

Twitter is useful for sharing updates on your creative process, as well as announcements of when you are ready to sell your NFTs. Use Twitter to engage with buyers, potential buyers, and other creators.

Facebook is ideal if your target buyer is in an older demographic, as Facebook is more popular with older users. There are lots of relevant Facebook groups for people interested in crypto and NFTs. Join groups and start engaging with people who are active on the platform. is all about NFTs. If you want people to discover your NFT project, this is a useful platform. It has a lot of valuable tools, such as pricing resources. People searching for NFTs to add to their collection are likely to look on here first.

LinkedIn is worth targeting if you want to attract bigger investors, specifically younger ones.

Clubhouse is popular with Crypto and NFT enthusiasts. There is a huge crypto community on there so it’s a great place to hang out and chat with interested parties.

Finally, bear in mind that you will need to create content for use in your marketing campaign. This is something you can outsource if you don’t have the time or inclination to write it yourself.

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