Where can you use your bitcoin funds?

The popularity of bitcoin investment is rising, and people also prefer to use it as a mode of payment. But the fact is that some people still hesitate to capitalize on bitcoin as they think that there is nothing that they can buy with bitcoin on Well, these people are the ones who don’t have much knowledge about bitcoin crypto. However, it is excellent news for you if you have bitcoin in your digital wallet because many retailers accept bitcoin payments. Moreover, it would help if you also kept an eye on the fact that the list of companies accepting bitcoin is growing daily.

Where can you use your bitcoin funds? –


Are you looking to buy new furniture for your house or office? If yes, you can buy it with your bitcoin from the overstock company. You must select the items you want to buy, fill them in your cart, and process them to the checkout. On the checkout, you will see the option of paying with bitcoin.

However, knowing that you can only mix up your crypto funds with overstock gift cards, club O rewards, coupons, and in-store credit are essential. If you want some luxury furniture, you can also consider the company, which is New York city-based. This company focuses on selling the items through the customers who share their photos on social media. You can buy things from the Fancy by using your bitcoin funds.


It is not a new thing to buy pizza from bitcoin. You will be amazed to learn that a person spends all his bitcoin funds on buying pizza in the early days. However, you can still do it through the third-party app. for ordering pizza from dominos; you have to go through the lightning pizza services to move a small portion of your coins to the company.

Fast food

If you are a foodie and you have a lot of bitcoin which you want to spend, then you can use it for buying fast food. Many fast-food restaurants are allowing their customers to pay with bitcoin. One of the furthermost renowned restaurants is the subway. If you love subway sandwiches, you can purchase them through your bitcoin funds. Many locations have announced the acceptance of bitcoin in the last ten years.

Event tickets

Bitcoin technology shines the most when we talk about digital dealings. So it is not at all a surprise for the people that there is a considerable number of options for buying the tickets to an event online. If you are a person who wants to attend an event, then you should make sure first that they are accepting bitcoin payments or not. If they do, you can buy those tickets through bitcoin in only a few minutes.

A vacation

Are you ready to take a break from your regular work and go for a vacation? Many airlines accept bitcoin payments; you can book your flight ticket through your bitcoin funds. You should know that the bitcoin payment options don’t end when you reach your destination by air.

Many hotels accept bitcoin, and the number is continuously increasing. If you need to occupy your bitcoin holdings, you should take a great trip to Las Vegas. The bitcoin ATMs are available here in the city, and the famous hotels also accept bitcoin payments.

Movie tickets

We all know that going to the movies can be expensive when buying a ticket for the whole family. Unfortunately, Bitcoin cannot help you buy sodas and popcorn, but you can consider using your crypto funds to book the tickets for the movie. Some sites sell movie tickets in exchange for bitcoin too. For example, you can buy the tickets of almost 900 US mobile theaters from the site, which will allow you to use your bitcoin.

A Frappuccino

You can now use your bitcoin to buy your special Frappuccino from Starbucks. However, the payment is not in a direct manner. So you will need the payment application Bakkt to buy Starbucks products through bitcoin. The best thing is that this app translates the bitcoin to the Starbucks card, which automatically gets stored in your Starbucks account.

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