10 things you need to know about fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes create space and can be tailored to your lifestyle and room. Everyone desperately seeks more storage in their bedroom. Isn’t it? Wardrobes these days are bursting with clothes, shoes, accessories, and other things that we can cram in. Freestanding wardrobes do not allow for customization, they also don’t make a lot of space. They cannot hold the number of items people collect. 

A simple way to create more space in your bedroom is with a modular wardrobe design. They instantly create three times more space and are available in sizes and finishes to suit all sorts of spaces. 

Built-in wardrobes come with a swing door, sliding door, and walk-in closet option depending on the size of the bedroom and choice of the customer. These are the most trending door styles these days.  You can get it customized according to your needs and the space available. Selecting the perfect wardrobe depends on the space available, the color of the bedroom wall, design preference, and lighting in the room. 

We’ve listed important points that you need to know about fitted wardrobes:
You’ll get more space:

Freestanding wardrobes allow no room for customization. They have gaps above and at the sides that cry out loud for dust and knick-knacks. In contrast, modular wardrobe designs can be tailored to fit the full height and space in the room. Even if the bedroom is awkwardly shaped, a fitted wardrobe will turn the corner space into a workable belonging. Fitted wardrobes are clutter-free and easy to clean. You’ll have a place for everything!
You’re making an investment:

The only drawback of a fitted wardrobe is that you cannot carry it when you move out to a new home, unlike a freestanding wardrobe. But the silver lining is that it can be recouped when you sell your furnished house because of the premium advantage that buyers get when they buy the home. Storage is everything, which helps the house sell, hence the more you have the more it’s easier to sell. 
Choose from all budget levels:

Fitted wardrobes come with affordable choices of design, products, and furnishings of varying prices. Companies customize wardrobes based on their client’s budgets and requirements. 
Recommendations yield the best results:

You can always ask your friends and families for recommendations on buying a fitted wardrobe. It’s the latest trend and you’ll find it in every third house. You can ask for an expert opinion on what is possible and what isn’t. You can check online and offline stores, understand your needs and requirements. 
Future-proofing will keep the look fresh:

Fitted wardrobes are a long-lasting solution. It’s essential to choose a future-proof option that will suit your personal taste in the years to come. You can consider matching the bedroom furnished with that of your home interiors. 
Doors make a difference:

When you’re short on space, opt for sliding doors or bi-fold doors so you don’t need as much room to open. Smaller bedrooms also benefit from mirror doors as they create the illusion of a larger room and provide a full-length mirror without taking up extra space. 
Prep is key:

Can help you prepare. Before taking fitted wardrobes into account, make sure to take measurements. We can help in taking full sets of measurements required. You need to determine the ceiling height at both ends of the room. The wardrobes are fitted to the hard floor. 
You’ll need to prepare the room:

It is generally advised not to decorate the room prior to the fitted wardrobe. You can properly do the walls before installation, as these walls will be visible when the doors are open. 
Choose interiors options to suit your lifestyle:

The inside of the wardrobe must be as beautiful as the outside. Make sure the closet is  designed as per your specifications and storage needs. There are ample display options that suit your lifestyle. The fitted wardrobe will be designed just for you and your bedroom. You can choose to add hanging rails, shoes, and trouser racks, pull out shelves based on your needs. 
Choosing the right furniture company is your first step:

Choosing the right company that will cater to your fitted wardrobe needs and requirements is important. We make customized modular wardrobes according to the client’s preference and the space available. Our products are made with pure love on a German plant & machinery, so we don’t depend on hand tools. Our design expert will help you to measure your room and work around any awkward angles to make absolute use of the space available.  Our team will also help you decide on what storage you need inside your wardrobe. For more information about fitted or Modular wardrobe designs made for you, contact us today.

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