Getting the customers for saas startup

As a SaaS startup, your primary goal will be to attract customers towards your business and create a healthy customer base. This will be possible when you have a clear strategy in place and the results achieved are monitored at regular intervals. In this context, we will look at some strategies that will help answer the question; of how to attract more customers to your business.

Top Strategies on How to Find New Customers and Increase Sales 

Start ups face few problems when they want to build their customer base. First of all, they have to prove their credibility, develop faith in their product, highlight usefulness of their product, and prove that it is better than what competitors have to offer.

This can prove to be a herculean task if right strategies are not used. Apart from implementing the strategies, it will be important to analyze results and make necessary changes to make sure you are moving in the right direction. So let us delve into the details of how to get the right customers for a SaaS start up.

Become Part of Relevant Communities | Launch Free Trials/Premiums | Start Referral Program | Utilize Content Marketing | Focus on Paid Ads | Develop Social Proof | Analyze Your Competitors

Become Part of Relevant Communities

Communities and relevant industry groups are the right place to find new prospects. There are numerous active communities on popular social media sites, making it easier to locate your target audience. But, your aim should be to add value so that it builds trust among community members. Let us look at an example, which amply highlights how a SaaS startup can add something of value to a particular online community.

For instance, if your company develops a SaaS product which assists businesses enhance their sales procedures, then you can launch a Question and Answer session about sales process and answer questions other group members have about how they can improve their organization’s sales process.

This way you will be able to develop clear understanding of your customer’s pain points and build your credibility, which will eventually transform into new customers for your business.

Launch Free Trials/Premiums

Oftentimes customers are reluctant to try a product or service that has not yet established itself. Due to this reason you need to offer free trials or a demo version to attract new customers. If the SaaS product is really good then it will become popular and people will be ready to purchase it for its actual price.

You can also invite people to use your product as beta testers. The benefits are that it helps in building your initial user base and also refines your SaaS product to be market fit. Another option to ponder is product being released as a Premium. Here, certain features can be made free, while more useful features would be paid ones.

Start Referral Program

You should also look into promoting referral programs and affiliate marketing. It will be a win-win situation for both, the company and those who join the program. You will be able to make new customers and referral partners will be able to earn good incentives/commissions.

Utilize Content Marketing

When done correctly, content marketing can provide better results compared to paid advertising initiatives. There are several benefits of content marketing, which include:

  • Content marketing will help in improving brand awareness of your company.
  • Useful and informative content will attract more people towards your landing pages.
  • Good content will increase credibility as well as trust of your website and visitors will be more interested in converting on your site.

Focus on Paid Ads

Paid ads (on platforms such as Google and Facebook) can prove to be helpful in getting the right customers for your SaaS startup. However, you will have to create a landing page that converts. As such, few of the points you will have to keep note of while developing your landing page would include:

  • A clear headline that talks about your value proposition.
  • Relevant videos and images that present usage context.
  • A statement that highlights core benefits for users.
  • Inquiry form that collect user information.
  • Attention grabbing call to action buttons.
  • Use of testimonials, social proof, and other trust elements.

Develop Social Proof

There are different ways of informing prospective customers about your business. However, you will be able to validate that your company is a trustworthy source of information by showing relevant social proof. You can generate social proof by:

  • Get in touch with influencers who are expected to like your SaaS product and do marketing for the same in their own unique way.
  • For a new launch, look for the press that focuses more on your industry niche.
  • Develop a buzz around your product by using social media as a medium.

Analyze Your Competitors

For any business, it is important to invest time and effort into the competitive analysis. To improve your business it will be important to know strengths as well as weaknesses of your competitors. Such details will help you in fine tuning your business and gain a leading edge over your competitors.

For instance, competitor analysis can help you understand whether your competitors are not able to provide a certain solution that customers are looking for. Using these details you will be able to improve your own product and fill the void that exists. Let us look at different avenues of gathering details about your competition.

  • Scrutinize industry reports.
  • Check SaaS products of your competitors.
  • Examine their search engine optimization strategies and also their website.
  • Analyze your competitor’s strategies related to content marketing.

A Final Note

How to target new customers? If you are looking for an answer to this question, then above mentioned strategies will certainly prove to be helpful.

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