2 Bedroom Apartments Guide For Yourself Apartment Finder

Have you hunting 2 bedroom apartments in any of the place or metro city? Then you must have a look ahead for some interesting planning facts of 2bhk flats. Because every 2 bedroom apartments have a different design and planning concept.

This discussion must base on the space planning of 2bhk plan, with their space utilization, usability pros and cons. When you go for any of the real estate portal, have a lots and lots of option available, with verity of different amenities.

Buying 2 Bedroom Apartments with Planning Efficiency Apartment

Let’s have a look toward the main point of consideration in the 2 bedroom apartments, before buying it.

  • Cross ventilation of the apartment.
  • Each and every space have proper natural light avail.
  • Minimum space wastage in planning of 2 bedrooms apartment.
  • Consider your cultural value and family life style ( like open kitchen, bedroom open in living etc.)
  • Apartment location and direction.
  • Have you believe in vastu or feng shui (check it out.)

These are the some basic points, looking and considered before buying your 2 bedroom apartments, out of your hard earned money.

Now further we see some interesting examples of 2 bedroom apartments plans, with different planning concept. Every 2 bhk design have a different with their pros and cons. Choose wisely.

01. 2 bedroom apartments with one side kitchen.

2 bedroom apartments,

When we look the 2bhk flat plan, you clearly see – there is a some passage area in the entrance portion, but not clear to use as a shoes rack space or waiting for visitors. When I sit in living room, my 2bhk apartments privacy loose, because bedroom directly visible from living sitting area.

02. 2 bedroom apartments with horizontal living room.


Ahhhh,…. This is a 2bhk plan with minimum passage area, with clear identification and usability of spaces. Some people like direct main door open in living, some don’t like it. But as for space usability, this 2 bedroom apartments has minimalistic passage area.

2 Bedroom Apartments Buying Guide.

03. 2 bedroom apartment with L shape living room space.


There is a entrance portico, no direct living view for visitors. This 2 bedrooms flat have a one side light and ventilation derived. But the passage cater on side common bed and kitchen, either side some puja space and common toilet.

Here I would like to put some attention – that if this is suitable for your budget, spends money on passage area. That’s up to you.

04. Two bedroom apartment plan with reverse L shape living dining space planning.


Above 2bhk flat have a two side open, for deriving light and ventilation. That is a good point in terms of ventilation of the apartment. But all bedroom and common toile open in directly in living area is somehow I personally feel less impressive. What do you think?

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