Sci-Fi Design Concept For ESSAM Center Hotel To Combine Modern Architecture

Sci-Fi Design Concept For ESSAM Center Hotel, To Combine Modern Architecture with recovered elements, in a harmonious contrast between future, and nature. School proyect The ESSAM Center in on the heart of a natural reserve in Chiapas, Mexico. Designers of Essam center hotel says: We’ve created The ESSAM Center to devote ourselves to a cause, which benefits to society and brings inner satisfaction. We’ve taken the mission to break through stereotypes with a fresh, different and bold approach, expressed in aggressive, determined and strong forms.

ESSAM CENTER And Sci-Fi Design Concept


Sci-Fi Design In Contemporary Hotel Architecture:

We believe that the limits could be overcome with a spirit of creativity, innovation and a sense of aesthetics, putting feeling and enjoying every step of the process, we believe that, we change and create new dimensions in the environment we inhabit.

Modern Architectural expression and urban design emerge out of a considered, comprehensive and correlated assembly of building forms and components. We use simple forms and a few amounts of materials, not only as an aesthetic choice but as an ethical principle of a conscious use of the available materials.

Sci-Fi Design Project Passport:

  1. Location : Chiapas, Mexico.
  2. Discipline : Media
  3. Program : Hotels
  4. Architectural style : Futuristic and sci fi interior design

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Sci-Fi Design Architectural Characteristics:

The physic condition of the architecture is a fundamental part of its essence, so it is present from the beginning.

The production of the architecture can not relieve in the apparition of the image, as the physic presence is in charge of give the work sense and emotional character to the spaces.

The aesthetic quality must be found in the essential part of the architecture and in a slow and meticulous separation from.

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