Black Color Theme Loft Interior Example Photos in Milan, Italy

Black Color theme taken by Designer Silvio Stefani. In collaboration with furniture manufacturer Minacciolo. This metropolitan loft in Milan, Italy. The sober black color palette is fully of dark black metals (both matte and shiny.) and greenish grays, like the grey concrete floor, and wood. (both burnt black and natural). Sometimes so many great things with dark, industrial metals. It’s mysterious and brawny, dark and bright, airy and substantial.

Black Color Theme Loft Interior

The black color metal and the burnt wood merge together. To create scenographic environments with a sculptural impact. the designers at Minacciolo said. The spaces are open and dynamic. And receive much praise – thanks to the flexibility of the possible layouts.

color black of living room furniture and ceiling

Black color in interior design.

Every “room” in the black color shade contemporary loft. Has another creative interior detail. That mixes metal with a deep, dark grey or black color.

black living room furniture

In the kitchen, a pair of Mammut extractor hoods stands their ground. Most modern kitchen hoods are hard not to notice. But these are impossible not to notice.

The Frame table by Minacciolo, in the dining room, has by a solid wood frame. And a glazed steel top. That goes great with the chandelier above. Made from real pots.

black interior paint use for celing of decor

Interior color schemes with black.

Here the every part of metal, left to its natural silver shine, seems almost bare.

black furniture for kitchen counter and lighting

Other design highlights. like, include the Natural Skin wooden storage unit. And the Mina multi-functional island.

Natural Skin is characterized by lean. geometric and minimal lines. Whereas the Mina line shows more references to tradition. the designers say.

black colour wooden cupboard

Two different interior styles, able to coexist in perfect harmony.

black color shade flooring ideas with jet black

The consistency of the black color wood. un-lacquered but treated with a specific process.

And the smoothness of the metal. Merge together to create the perfect balance.

black and white to color for study area with leather sofa

best wall color for black furniture

black color,

Information by Minacciolo; Photography by Marco Silotto, Enrico Dal Zotto.

So, Wingers – This is one of the finest black color theme interior design example. For your exploration of ideas in upcoming modern interior design project. Or themed interior decor. Have you like it? Have a thoughts on it, share with us.

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