Bay window ideas for built in window seat with a view

Bay Window Ideas – For those who are looking their room interior design elegant and create a window with a view. Because Your windows provide natural light and optional ventilation effortlessly with great vista of nature surrounding your home. Bay Window Ideas connect your house interior or space with exterior space of your house. provided that the ledge is wide enough to accommodate a seat or you can choose to add miniature sofas to create the dreamy seat you have been thinking about.

What Is A Bay Window Ideas?

Here, I collect some of the best examples of Bay Window Ideas that inspire you to create cozy and comfort nook in your house space.

Meaning of Bay Window.

A window built to project outwards from an outside wall.

Let’s have look bay window ideas to fulfill your needs of a place where you can relax.


This bay window ideas for creating bright and comfortable space, which is place on street side of reading space of house. Window ledge provide sitting space for readers in direct exterior light. Bay window finished with maple wood and fix glass, for reducing exterior noise.

bay window ideas,

This bay window seat ideas in a home in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Pleysier Perkins. Photography by Brendan Finn.


Perfect privacy for children, and create temple of reading for developing brain. This bay window ideas for children room, create their identity with unique bay window decoration. Cozy and comfortable for reading apace with style statement of interior design.

bay window ideas,

This window seat design in an apartment in South Korea, designed by AND. Photography by Kyungsub Shin.


Love to read my favorite thriller novel on this bay window seat, which is perfectly carve out on a corner of holiday home. Finished with wooden, construction detail of bay window with up side rolling curtains, when it of provide full view of green fields.

bay window ideas,

This window seat in a home in Shoal Bay, New Zealand, designed by Parsonson Architects. Photography by Paul McCredie.


Window sitting with bellow storage, best suit for modern work space interior. Full height glass facade provide sufficient natural light, to comfortably create working office environment. Enjoy the exterior activity with your work, is best part of this window seat.

bay window ideas,

This window seat in an office in San Francisco, California, designed by IWAMOTOSCOTT ARCHITECTURE. Photography by Bruce Damonte.


This bay window seat is extension of reading room with fire place. Perfectly carved out for mentally retiring after stressful working hours. Bright and cozy color scheme of reading room, with contrast color of fire space and fire wood storage give space, an identity of interior design.

bay window ideas,

This window ledge in an house in Toronto, Canada, designed by Superkul. Photography copyright James Brittain.

Latest Bay Window Ideas.


Window Seat in passage area, provide you a perfect space for reading nook as well as child play area. Finished and perfectly blend with your house furniture design. No extra effort to create bay window in construction but created as a part of interior design.

bay window ideas,

This bay window seating in a home in Canberra, Australia, designed by Jigsaw Housing. Photography by Rod Vargas.


Perfect space for having a moment of intimacy with you partner. Beautiful outside vista and cozy inside, in the hand of your love one’s hand. Create most relaxing space in side your bed room with this bay window ideas.

bay window ideas,

This window seat bedroom in a house in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Breathe Architecture.


Rectangle Floor to Ceiling height window with ledge, disappear the wall between your indoor outdoor space. Most suitable for gaining extra daylight inside house spaces. This window ledge have used multipurpose way, like for seating, sleeping, showcase of your artifacts collection, etc.

bay window ideas,

This built in window seat by Box and it is located at Wellington, New Zealand. Project’s of Single family house.


This office window seat design, provide you a closer to nature. By facing directly to lust green landscape, you mind feel calm and feel inner peace when you feel more stressed in working environment.

bay window ideas,

This bay window sill in an office in San Francisco, California, designed by IWAMOTOSCOTT ARCHITECTURE.


Beautiful corner window ledge seat design for bedroom, create one kind of connection between you and outer world. Provide 280 degree vista from your bedroom. Also solve the purpose of personal reading nook inside your bedroom.

bay window ideas,

This bay window seating in an house in Toronto, Canada, designed by Superkul.

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Creative Bay Window Ideas.


This Bay window Ideas for create storage inside the window seat. Actually solve the purpose of your interior look of your kitchen and maximize the space utilization of home.

bay window ideas,


Bathroom space have their own comfort, and window seat with elegant design, add more appeal in your bath space. This window seating space inside bathroom create one of the style statement in their own.

bay window ideas,

Let us know which bay window ideas style suits you best?.

Which bay window seat you could accommodate in your living, dining, bedroom or children’s room. It will be comfortable and still give the perfect reflection on whole room interior. Use pillows, small mattresses, miniature sofas to create a marvelous window seat using bay window ideas.

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