Indian Home Design Plans for Dynamic Architecture

Modern Indian Home Design Example to learn free Flowing Curved Wall Create Dynamic Spaces. This Indian Home Design Prepared By Chetan Shivaprasad. At Kham Design in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. ‘Kham’ in Sanskrit translates to ‘Concepts of Space’. Kham Design was established in 1998. an Architectural & Design Service firm dealing with the theater of space. The firm is an endeavor to explore. the ever-changing concepts of space.

Example of Indian House Design with Dynamic Architecture

indian home design,

This Indian home design create with curved walls. As a way to ensure free flowing spaces within the house. To add another layer of depth in the indian house plans. The continuous curved spaces have variation within the floor levels as well.

Indian Home Design Fact File.

  • Client : Mr. RAVI
  • Architect : Chetan Shivaprasad.
  • Location : Bannerughatta Road, Bengaluru.
  • Type : Residential -Single family dwelling.
  • Area (in sq.ft) : 3,420
  • Cost (INR)  : 4,000,000

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Indian House Design Brief.

Architect Says – Space is a simple word, but has many meanings and many dimensions. We believe that it is possible to make this meaningful difference. Through Design in our Indian home design projects.

indian home design photos

home design plans indian style

The materials used in the indian house design construction are all natural. Adding warmth and a textural ambience to the fluid spaces.

This indian home design plans with photos give better understanding of space. Modern material and creative dynamic spaces create warm and welcoming interior spaces. Home with good light and ventilation. In all term, every corner of house lit with light. And airy with proper ventilation.

indian house plans with photos

Contemporary Indian House Architecture.

So, Wingers – This is one fine indian home design example. With their indoor outdoor spaces dynamics house designs in india. Do you have any more examples like this. Share with us. Every Creation have their Language, Let’s try to learn it.

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