How To Recover WiKoN (.WiKoN) Ransomware virus

How To Recover free tools WiKoN (.WiKoN) Ransomware virus.

 Discovered New ransomware Virus WiKoN. This ransomware encrypts files, appends the “.WiKoN” extension to filenames, changes the PC wallpaper, creates the “HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt” file (a ransom note), and displays an error message (also containing a ransom note). Demand To ransome Bitcoin.

Virus NameWiKoN Ransome virus
Threat TypeRansomware, Crypto Virus, Files locker
Encrypted Files Extension.WiKoN
Ransom Amount0.05 Small amount Bitcoin
DamageAll files are encrypted and cannot be opened without paying a ransom. Additional password-stealing trojans and malware infections can be installed together with a ransomware infection.
Download Tools Download Free Ransom Tools link below.
Steps to use the Decryption Tool

Click Download Tool Link Below and save the zip file on the system having the encrypted files. Extract the file.

Right click on the extracted file and select Run as administrator to view the Decryption Window.

Press Y to start the scan. The tool will automatically scan the entire system for supported encrypted files. When an encrypted file is found, the tool will decrypt the file in its respective folder while keeping a copy of the encrypted file at the same time.

After the scan is complete, the decryption tool will show the final status displaying the number of encrypted files found and how many files were successfully decrypted. The detailed information about the decryption status of each file can be obtained from the ‘Decryption.log’ generated in the same folder of the tool.

Thereafter, you can open the decrypted files and verify if they are accessible/readable again.

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