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How to Use a Felt Board in Your Home Office

For many workers, the sudden shift to the work from home (WFH) model has been a challenging one. Sure, we all love the convenience, lack of traffic, and chance to work from the comfort of your own home, but these perks have come with difficulties, as well. When working from home, where do you find the space for a new home office? And once you find this space, how do you make it functional and effective to get your work done?

Many individuals working from home have turned to innovative felt tiles and felt boards to decorate their new home offices. Not only does this PET felt material add a splash of color and warmth to your walls, but it also works to absorb excess noise. This can help quiet the chaos surrounding your home office and allow you to focus and get work done. But why is a felt board the right choice for me? Well, let’s investigate. Here, we’re taking a closer look at how innovative felt boards can be used to help you not only survive the new work from home model, but actually thrive in your home office.

Felt Board,

What is a Felt Board?

A felt board can add warmth, color, and help you organize any space. But what is this exactly? A felt board is made of individual felt tiles or one large piece of felt. Varying in sizes and shapes, a felt board can be customized to fit your needs and space constraints.

A felt board easily adheres to any flat surface, making it the perfect décor option for a variety of interior spaces. With easy installation and full customization over the size and design, a felt board is one of the most unique, eye-catching, and functional ways to decorate your home office.

Benefits of Felt Tiles

Compared to other materials, there are many reasons why people are opting to use felt tiles for decorating their home offices. Take a look at just a few of the top reasons why people love using felt tiles:

1. Sound-dampening qualities: unwanted noise is one of the biggest distractors and can dramatically impact your ability to effectively work from home. Luckily, felt tiles naturally absorb excess noise, which means that they can help transform even the noisiest space into a room of solitude.

2. Endless color combinations: with an almost endless number of colors and combinations, you’ll have a felt board that perfectly matches the style of your space. Go bold with vibrant colors or create a more relaxed environment with a neutral, softer palette. With so many choices, maybe you’ll end up with a few felt boards.

3. Fully customizable design: go ahead, unleash your creativity. With felt tiles, you can customize your felt board to perfectly suit your space, style, and existing aesthetics. You can also choose from a pre-existing felt tile design.

4. Easy to install: in just a matter of minutes, you can have your very own felt board installed and ready to go. Simply peel off the stickers on the adhesives and press the felt wall tiles up in place. Continue this simple process until you’ve created the perfect felt board for your home office.

5. Pinnable: finally get your space organized with felt tiles. This material allows you to easily pin notes, papers, photos, or any other small item to your felt board. Whether for organization or decoration, this pinnable feature is unique to felt tiles and can truly make an impact on your home office. The material is also durable, which means you can pin and re-pin as many items as you need.

How to Use a Felt Board in Your Home Office

Alright, now it’s time to transform that home office into a space that can help you be productive while still enjoying your environment. Using a felt board in your home office is surprisingly simple and easy.

Compared to other wall décor options, felt tiles are easy to hang up and install. In a matter of minutes, you could have your very own felt board. Simply peel off the adhesive tabs and press firmly against your wall or any other flat surface. Using a pencil to measure that first flat edge is also an important first step to ensure all your consecutive tiles are properly aligned.

Once your first tile is up, it gets a lot easier. Just repeat the process for each tile and watch as your felt board comes to life. What’s great about this décor option is that it’s fully customizable, allowing you to be in control of the size and shape. This means your felt board will fit a home office of any size or design.

Conclusion – How to Use a Felt Board in Your Home Office

While the transition to working from home has been a challenge for countless professionals, this doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it. In the WFH model that has skyrocketed across almost every industry since 20, your home office has never been more important.

This space not only needs to help you get work done, but it should also promote a sense of calm, focus, and help you negotiate that delicate space between your work life and home life. Need some help crafting the perfect home office? If so, it’s time to look into felt tiles and felt boards.

Innovative felt tiles can be the perfect answer for designing your new home office. This unique material not only looks great, but the felt also has a sound-dampening quality that works to absorb excess noise. This quality alone makes a felt board the ideal option for creating a quieter work space that allows you to focus.

Additionally, with the pinnable nature of this felt, you can pin and re-pin notes, photos, or papers to help you get more organized in your new space. Less noise, more organization, and almost endless possibilities when it comes to colors and designs-what’s not to love about a felt board for your home office?

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