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What should a Home Safety Checklist Include?

There are a number of things you should think about when creating your home safety checklist. By understanding these components, you will be able to build a home security system that is tailored toward your needs and preferences. If you are worried about your family’s security at home, have no fear! There are many things you can do with a comprehensive home security checklist to ensure that everyone is protected and safe. What should a security checklist for home include?

A Home Safety Checklist

home safety checklist,
  1. Make sure valuables aren’t visible from the street
  2. Don’t give burglars hiding spots near doors and windows
  3. Upgrade doors to solid wood or metal clad
  4. Light up entryways and pathways at night
  5. Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street
  6. See who’s at the door before you open it
  7. Have a cell phone handy in case of cut wires
  8. Give a neighbor a spare set of keys to your home
  9. Put your mail on hold when you travel
  10. Have an emergency escape plan in case of a break-in
  11. Display yard signs or window decals that state your home is monitored
  12. Have fire extinguishers easily accessible throughout your home
  13. Install keyed deadbolt locks on all of your doors
  14. Add motion-sensor lights
  15. Use secondary locks or a rod in the track on sliding glass doors
  16. Add secondary locks to windows
  17. Use timers with your lights
  18. Keep an inventory of your personal property in case of theft
  19. Keep medications out of sight
  20. Store valuables in a safety deposit box or safe
  21. Get to know your neighbors across the street and on all three sides of your home
  22. Don’t leave a house key under your door mat
  23. Lock the gate(s) to your backyard
  24. Lock up grills, lawn mowers, bikes, and other outdoor valuables
  25. Lock all doors at night and every time you leave the house
  26. Shred documents with personal information
  27. Check that doors fit tightly in their frames
  28. Get involved in your neighborhood watch program
  29. Rekey all of your doors when you move in
  30. Keep tabs on neighborhood break-ins
  31. Secure mail slots, dryer vents, and pet entrances where a burglar could enter
  32. Make sure your home’s exterior is well lit
  33. See how well-lit your street is at night
  34. Get monitored home security
  35. Add outdoor security cameras
  36. Make sure all carbon monoxide detectors are working
  37. Regularly test smoke detectors
  38. Store ladders and tools in a locked garage or shed

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