Top Ways to Increase Backlinks of your Blog and Websites

Top Ways to Increase Backlinks of your Blog and Websites are vital factor to increase your website rank and get a lot of traffic from search engines.

Increase Backlinks in order to appear your website at the top of Google Search Result. Backlinks provides many benefits to the blogs or websites. They drive more traffic from search engines, forums, social media etc. Backlinks increase your SEO as well as a well rank of your website or blog.

Top Ways to Increase Backlinks of your Blog and Websites

What are Backlinks and their importance in SEO?

We can say that a link to a website from another website is called backlink. We can also say that a link b/w two websites from which unique/regular visitors come to your website is also known as backlinking. Backlinks are very important for every website / blog in order to enhance their Alexa rank , Page rank and most important to drive more and more visitors from the search engine. In this way your website will appear in the  search engine results  and you got a lot of visitors to your website.

 How To Increase Backlinks?

I am going to tell you some useful tips to increase backlinks which will be very helpful for your website.

 Commenting On Blogs.

you can build/make backlinks to comment on other’s website. Commenting on blogs/ websites is one of the best and most useful way to increase backlink and this method to build backlinks is followed by numerous people. Do as many comments as you can specially on that blogs/websites which hascommentluv system. This system also show your last post of your blog. Don’t try to comment as spam otherwise Google Pengiun can seize your blog.

 Guest Posting

In this way you write a unique post for famous blogs and submit it to their admins. If your post is liked by the admin they will publish it with your BIO in which your one or two dofollow links will also publish. These 2 dofollow backlinks will help your in driving your website ranking and also drive more visitors to your website.

 Forum Posting

With this method you can also increase backlinks very soon. You have to join some famous forums where you will post some article and post your website link here. You can add your website’s link in the signature area. Usually forums have well rank and have a lot of visitors. So your website’s backlink will help to drive more traffic to your website.

Submission to Directories

Directory submission is one of the most popular way to enhance your website backlinks and PR. One of the most popular website  submission directory is “”. just submit your website to directories in the proper category in order to listed your website in directories. Submission to directories method will help you to drive more and more visitors and it also increase backlinks.

Social Media

No one can neglect the importance of social media as it is one of the most popular and powerful way to drive more traffic to your website. Every internet user uses social media website like Facebook, twitter etc. don’t waste your precious time in liking post on FB, use your time to promote your website in the social media.

Make your website official page and post regularly on your website content on your Facebook page and also tweet it. The most popular way to build backlinks from social media website is to join different groups or communities, just share your unique and attractive post/content to these groups/communities. It helps you to drive more and more traffic to your website.

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