This Italian Coastal Home made with Local Volcanic Ash.

This Italian Coastal Home made with locally available Volcanic Ash. An 0-co2 architettura sostenibile based G-M House is on the idea of “architecture without architects.”

This Italian coastal home design project aims to let the southeast Italian coastal micro-climate influence every aspect of the design.

Coastal Home Design with Volcanic Ash.

For achieving the coastal architecture without architect,  In order to do this, they revived ancient rules of construction and used locally sourced materials.

coastal home plans

The end result is come with a traditional and energy-efficient coastal home plans.

coastal home,

The coastal home furnishings has thick exterior walls made of Italian “tufo,” a stone that is formed as ash consolidates after a volcanic eruption.

coastal living idea houseThis Italian Costal Home made with Local Volcanic Ash

The Tufo are coated in a therm-insulating material created with a number of local materials, including recycled prickly pear from the build site.

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