Modern Bungalow Architecture with Internal Courtyard Pool in Singapore

Modern Bungalow Architecture: Modern Bungalow Architecture with Internal Courtyard by A D lab completes andrew road bungalow in central Singapore. This Contemporary house plans with inner courtyard is by local studio A D lab. They are complete the andrew road house for a client and his parents.

Modern Bungalow Architecture with Internal Courtyard.

modern bungalow architecture with internal courtyard,

Courtyard Bungalow Design Brief:

The Bungalow site is located in a quaint residential area with unabated views of the macritchie reservoir and nature reserve. But is also situated adjacent to a very large and busy highway.

Due to the particular topography of the area. The sites along the main road descend below the street itself making the second story the entry level.

This unique situation helps naturally buffer the noise from the highway. Also, creates privacy in bungalow with internal courtyard. In addition to maintaining a very low profile of modern bungalow architecture with internal courtyard from the street level.

Modern Bungalow Architecture Design

A D lab used the 1000 m2 site’s natural grade to design an entry form of folding angular green roofs. That seem to subtly peel off the ground. Almost invisible behind the perimeter wall at street level.

Modern Bungalow House Project Info:

  • Architecture: A D lab pvt ltd.
  • Client: lee eng beng
  • Project team members: warren liu, lim pin jie
  • Builder/ construction company: newell builders pte ltd
  • Photographer: derek swalwell
  • Civil and structural engineering firm: epm consultants
  • Site area: 1000m²
  • Total floor area: 600m²

Modern Bungalow Floor Plans:

The modern bungalow architecture with internal courtyard is broken up into two primary volumes. That are connect by a central outdoor courtyard with a swimming pool.

This ‘oasis’ provides for private exterior space that brings natural light and air to every area of the bungalow design. The inhabited spaces are relegated to the centers of the forms. While vertical and horizontal circulation follows the exterior walls.

Apart from increased privacy, the outer walkways and stairs help create a further buffer from sound. And allow movement through the u shaped house plans with courtyard pool. To become social or private given the two lifestyles, That share the same space.

Modern Bungalow Facade:

Large glass panes oriented to the shared courtyard open up views and flood the bungalow interior with natural light.

Polished limestone floors and travertine walls re-create the sub-grade nature of the home. With the green roofs visible from the interior strengthening the idea of the structure cut into the landscape.

The elevated bedrooms at the further end of the site are wrapped in glass walls. As well but boast a dark-stained slatted screen wall to filter direct light and provide privacy.

Water features are present throughout the entire modern bungalow architecture. With internal courtyard in the form of small ponds and fountains. Which further help mute the noise outside and tie interior and exterior together.

Modern Bungalow Ideas Photos:

modern bungalow architecture with internal courtyard,

Ref image: © derek swalwell

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So, Friends, this is a latest modern bungalow architecture with internal courtyard example. The main courtyard with swimming pool feature is really attraction of this house. As well sufiy the concept of function follow the foam in architecture. Have a thoughts on the idea of internal courtyard in modern house planning. Share with us bellow, And stayed tune for more updates on modern homes.

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