Modern Landscape Elements For Small Garden Ideas

Hello Folks,….. Modern Landscape Elements For Small Garden Ideas – Why the landscape of our modern home is important?. Because we design a modern home seems almost ‘old hat’. We have so many resources available to us, that offer multiple techniques for achieving a clean-lined, contemporary home.

But what about the outside of our home in particular, our landscaping?

Our homes exterior with Small Garden ideas often gets ignored, leaving our personal style statements for the interior. I think your style should shout from the rooftops, allowing passerby to immediately admire your personal style.

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Modern Small Garden Ideas & Personal Style

Your small garden ideas of  landscape design is the perfect avenue to state your personal style, telling others what they should expect to see inside your home, without ever entering your doors.

Here are some great small garden ideas to create a modern landscape for your Home:

  • Ground Cover and Stone To Shape Your Small Garden Ideas

Ground cover and stone are essential tools for a small garden ideas. They are used to segment the landscape into areas and lead the eye from one outdoor ‘room’ to another.

Ground Cover and Stone To Shape Your Small Garden Ideas

For instance a low strip of planted ground cedars can create a border around a pond or garden pathway. And concrete can be used to create a squared, grid-like path to a pool or pond. These small garden ideas features don’t always have to lead you somewhere, they can be used simply as visual tools that unify the design, as well.

Consider incorporating a square sand garden with just a few well-placed rocks. Rake lines into the sand garden, swirling them around the stones, making a very zen, calming space. The picture below is a perfect example of how stone and ground cover can define a modern garden.

  • Add Geometry In Small Garden Ideas

Squares, rectangles, circles, triangles…all of these simple shapes have a place in a modern small garden ideas. These shapes have multiple roles, but aside from adding that clean-lined modern aesthetic, they allow you to define areas in your garden and create individual vignettes.

Add Geometry In Small Garden Ideas

It is best to choose plants, that are open to pruning. Here are just a few modern garden plants that you may want to consider:

  • Boxwood
  • Cedar
  • Reeds and grasses
  • Succulents
  • Japanese maples

For instance, a straight-lined stone path can lead you to an outdoor sitting area that is defined by a squared boxwood enclosure, then perhaps circular stepping stones lead to an outdoor pool area, and so on. Geometry is not reserved for ground cover and stones, it should also be seen in the plants.

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