Latest WhatsApp Public Group Invite feature

Latest WhatsApp Public Group Invite feature. WhatsApp Group Administrators group of invitations to third-party apps through a new feature that lets testing.

Although it is yet to be released, the facility is available in the latest version of WhatsApp beta. Download the latest version of WhatsApp beta from here, or Google’s Play Store can join the beta test program.

How to use This new facility administrators (and maybe the participants) invites more public platform to be able to share with the possibility of extending the reach of WhatsApp. According to the report, invited to share a QR Code, link or via NFC tag will be able to join a group. This feature businesses or communities to join their group and would like to invite more people to be particularly useful.

Latest WhatsApp Public Group Invite feature

At the time of filing the story, though, is not invited the group to send out options. The first feature was seen by Android Police, and they also invite you to share a group is for testing purposes. Clicking on the link, a pop-up message asking you to join the group, and how many members of the producer group is currently want with it.


The beta version of WhatsApp app recent future iterations us features that we can expect to have a glimpse of the kind. These, among others, voice mail as attachments, and send Zip files include. The video calling feature for some time now has been on the rumor mill, but still no word on when it might see the light of day is not.

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