Designer LED lights concept ideas for smart home decor

LED Lights and it’s designer variations is a always an interesting subject for me as a home interior designer. Now a days in market their is a lots and lots of designer led lights concept ideas for smart home decor is available. At the same time Designer LED Lights Concept Ideas did not only lead to energy savings: It has freed designers from the constraints of more conventional light bulb shapes. As well as the heat produced by those bulbs and by halogen models.

Designer LED Lights Concept Ideas For House Interior

With a wide horizon of new possibilities in designer led lights concept ideas, designers are making great use of stick bulb designs for all kinds of lighting, like ceiling, wall, desk and floor. All of the kinds of LED fixtures were on display at ICFF.

StickBulb The X Collection:

StickBulb Collection-1, designer led lights concept ideas,

A StickBulb multiple sky bang led lighting design ideas:

Stickbulb by Rux is widely known as one of the original designer led lights concept ideas to show these types of stick lights created with LED bulbs. These individual wooden beams are available in lengths of one to six feet and are designed to plug into a variety of steel connectors, without using any tools.

The company likens it to an erector set of interchangeable components limited by your space and imagination.

StickBulb Collection-Multiple Sky Bang, designer led lights concept ideas,

Stickbulb led lights design circuit by Rux:

StickBulb Collection-Stickbulb by Rux, designer led lights concept ideas,

Coffee table designer led lights concept ideas:

Now the company has expanded to using the sticks as a base for a glass topped table, resulting in a piece that is a functional piece of furniture as well as a piece of designer led lights concept ideas artistry.

StickBulb Collection-Coffee Table

Products by RUX are sustainable and are manufactured locally and affordable within a five mile radius of their office. The company uses reclaimed and sustainably sourced woods and energy efficient LED technologies and components.

They created the collection to use the least number of parts possible and to have connections that allow for easy separation for maintenance, recycling, or reuse.

Pelle Pris led light design for homes:

These designer led lights concept ideas by Pelle are part of a new line and a departure from the bubble lights and other fixtures the company produces in its Red Hook, New York studio. Founded by Jean and Oliver Pelle.

Pelle-Pris lighting

The studio aims to marry aesthetics and functionality in pieces that are meant to be used, handled, worn and enjoyed. This collections includes the chandelier and wall sconce seen here.

Curio Structo table affordable modern lighting:

A number of stick designs for desk and floor lamps were also shown. Among the more interesting collections was this one by Curio. These wooden lamps, accented with bright colors, uses a light pipe like the one in a copier or a scanner.


Curio has taken it from a mundane component to a feature that, combined with an led, emits light that has no glare and doesn’t cast multiple shadows. A great bonus is that it also includes integrated Bluetooth!  With their free app users can control one or more of these dimmable led fixtures with a smartphone.

Modern led lights for home decoration by Verve Flute Series:

Modern Verve created their LED Flute Light H design, which they say was inspired by aircraft design of the golden era. The unique pieces are made in Seattle, Washington.

Modern Verve-flute-series

Cool led light projects by Thislexik Arc Light:

Brookyn-based Thislexik introduced their Arc Light. Made mostly from solid walnut, the wall fixture incorporates three levels of depth, allowing the light bulbs to overlap. Most interestingly, the light bulbs are interactive and  illuminate when brought closer to the wood.


Luxury lighting brands Koncept Equo Floor:

Koncept also showed a variety of designer led lights concept ideas for LED stick light fixtures, such as their Equo floor lamp. It uses a streamlined counterweight design that balances the body on a slight stand and weighted base.

The LED portion tilts and maintains its angle until you change it. A lovely slim and functional modern fixture. It is also comes in a desk lamp model, which is equally stunning.

Koncept-Equo Floor

Koncept Z Bar Floor:

Koncept-Z bar floor

Koncept Z Bar:

The Z-Bar collection is Koncept’s award-winning design for desk and floor lamps. The streamlined design contains LEDs and three simple bars. The light is controlled with one finger on a touch pad, which has a dimming option.

Koncept-Z bar floor

If you need  ambient light, you can turn the LED head to the ceiling. Use it as a reading light by pulling the LED head down to sofa or chair level. When not in use, the lamp head can be folded against the body and for a sculptural design piece.

Koncept Z-Bar Pendant:

At ICFF, Koncept showed the pendant version of the Z-Bar, is a unique and customizable designer led lights concept ideas fixture that can bend, attach, float, or hang according to your space and design preferences. It can be made in any shape or configuration to best enhance the space it is lighting.

Koncept-Z-Bar Pendant

CPLighting Centered Branch new GROWTH 2 LED:

CP Lighting‘s newGROWTH 2 LED is a minimalist fixture they call  “brancheliers based upon the idea of a tree that grows into a light fixture.” These custom pieces can be made in any size and configuration, including single and multi-cable versions or in mobile styles like their Vine series.

CPLighting-centered branch-new-growth-2-led

This modern take on a tree branch uses frosted acrylic cylinders to transmit the LED light.  A perfect piece for many rooms, both modern or mainstream.

Pablo LIM Desk Lamp:


Pablo LIM Floor Lamp:

Sleek and minimalist desk and floor lamps from Pablo Designs also employ LEDs in a versatile desk and floor design. Venezuelan-born designer and founder Pablo Pardo’s studio showed the LIM desk, which is an ultra-slim LED task light.


The arm hides an array of LEDs and uses a very fun magnetic attachment system that makes it easy to adjust the lamp. This line is also available as the LIM Block, LIM floor, and LIM C under-surface.

Bec Brittain SHY Light:

The thin LED tubes of Bec Brittan’s SHY light can be configured in an endless array of designs to suit the space where it will hang. The critically acclaimed SHY pieces use light to define the edges of their shape so that “function of the piece is created by its form and vice-versa.”

Bec Brittain-shy

The studio also has transformed the tube light concept into other lines like Zelda, Helix, Skyhooks and Sooner Than Later.  All are designed and engineered by Bec, who worked as Design Director for the renowned Lindsey Adelman Studio before opening her own Brooklyn studio. Many of her distinctive designs make use of tube lighting.

Helix Floor Lamp:

The Helix floor lamp is made with custom brass hardware and LED tubes that wrap around a central support, anchored by a stone counterweight.

Helix floor lamp


Brass-encased LED tubing is turned into  suspended planar forms in the Zelda line. It is available in multiple shapes, sizes and configurations making it suitable for many types of space. The flexible designer led lights concept ideas form can be used as a single diamond, arranged concentrically in geometric orbits, or combined like the links of a chain.

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While not necessarily a new designer led lights concept ideas trend, tube and stick lights are now becoming a staple in lighting design. As functionality increases and designers develop more uses for LED technology, greater innovations and new designer led lights concept ideas will be available to illuminate your home.

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