Free PimEyes Alternatives – 15 Tools Secure Image Search

PimEyes is a reverse image search engine and facial recognition programme that enables you to submit anyone’s photo and look up their other photos online. There are more than 15 PimEyes Alternatives that provide comparable functionality for image monitoring, facial recognition, and reverse image search. Yandex Images is the top free PimEyes substitute. FindClone, Search4faces, EagleEye, and Google Reverse Image Search are more safe image search programmes comparable to PimEyes.

Free PimEyes Alternatives

PimEyes- What is it?

Even if the images were taken at various times and locations, PimEye’s sophisticated facial recognition technology can identify people who appear in many pictures of the same person. PimEyes is not completely cost-free, though. Although you can perform a search for free, you won’t be able to tell whose websites the results are coming from, which renders the results essentially useless if you’re attempting to find someone’s social media or blog accounts.

You must subscribe to a premium plan, which can be quite expensive, in order to access such information. Also, the majority of premium subscriptions include daily search limits. Moreover, PimEyes isn’t even very accurate, as anyone who has used it knows. Many of the results are lookalike false positives from adult websites.

The Best Free PimEyes Alternatives- Safe and Incognito Image Search 

  1. Yandex

In order to provide you with reliable results, Yandex, a search engine with a Russian background, combines image recognition and facial recognition when you upload a photo of an object, a structure, or a person. The top free PimEyes Alternatives is Yandex. The easiest-to-use facial recognition software is available online, it doesn’t require registration and you’ll never have to pay for it. According to the Daily Mail, Yandex employs artificial intelligence and neural networks to accurately detect a face and display not just similar-looking photographs but also images of the same individual.

  • FindClone

The Russian website FindClone, originally known as SearchFace, also makes use of facial recognition software. It offers a limited free trial version, unlike PimEyes, but it is only limited to seeking matches on VKontakte, a well-liked social media site in Russia that is sometimes referred to as the “Russian Facebook.”

  • Search4faces

A free PimEyes Alternatives is the Russian website Search4faces. It turns out that has four databases that include search results from TikTok, Instagram, Clubhouse, and in addition to photographs and avatars on VKontakte and other social media sites (Odnoklassniki, another popular Russian social network with over 200 million users).

In contrast to PimEyes, Search4faces offers unique search engines for every one of the aforementioned five websites. As a result, you won’t encounter the false positives that PimEyes usually causes from pornographic websites.

  • EagleEye

On GitHub, the EagleEye soule is available, moreover, that has been already forked plenty of times. Unlike Pimeye, EagleEye is completely free to use. Simple is what it does: The individual whose photo you upload to the tool is found on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles or postings. You won’t have to waste time browsing porn websites because, unlike Pimeye, it just concentrates on the aforementioned three social networking platforms.

  • Google Reverse Image Search

Finding similar faces isn’t always the best use of Google’s reverse image search. Rather than being a facial recognition programme, it is more of an image recognition tool. It frequently succeeds in locating public pictures of unrelated people and is still quite good at locating similar images of politicians, celebrities, and other well-known figures. It is fully free to use, unlike PimEyes, and it doesn’t demand registration or have any restrictions on the number of searches you may conduct each day.

  • PicTriev

Pictriev is the best PimEyes Alternatives tool. You can find lookalikes with the use of PicTriev, a facial recognition matching programme. It is completely free to use, unlike PimEyes, and there is no registration needed. If you’re interested in knowing which celebs resemble you, PicTriev is also more helpful than PimEyes. Just upload your photo, and PicTriev will analyse it and present you with related celebrity photographs.

  • Betaface

Betaface, as opposed to PimEyes, is a tool you may use to create your own library and search among matched faces. Each face can be given a name in your own custom database, which you can then search through as necessary.

Whether you are a member of law enforcement or work for a private security company, that could be helpful during investigations. You may make a database with only prospective suspects, for instance, if you have several suspects for a crime.

  • Pinterest Image Search/Lens

Are you aware that Pinterest offers a free picture search engine? Although it only displays aesthetically comparable images on Pinterest, it is free to use in contrast to PimEyes. Both desktop and mobile devices support this. You must upload the image and make a pin if you’re using a desktop. A little magnifying glass can be seen in the bottom-right corner of an image when viewing it as a pin on Pinterest.

  • Bing Visual Search

Microsoft owns the Bing search engine. It offers a reverse image search feature similar to PimEyes, although PimEyes is not free to use. Even while Bing isn’t the best at recognising faces, it still works for celebrities and other notable figures. Just crop the image as much as you can.

  • TinEye

The first picture search engine on the web, TinEye, debuted in 2008. In its database, it asserts to include more than 41 billion photographs. Unlike to PimEyes, TinEye is free and recognized as one of the best PimEyes Alternatives. However, it’s only applicable to pictures that seem alike.

  • NTech Lab

When FindFace by NTech Lab was open to the public, anyone could use it to look up people’s social media profiles. It has now gone offline, though, and NTech Lab now offers services for organisations, security companies, law enforcement, and governments. Face detection, it guarantees 99% accuracy.

  • Clearview AI

The largest facial network in the world is what Clearview AI calls itself. Although it’s intended to be restricted to law enforcement, it has also provided its services to commercial security companies. Additionally, it has been discovered that Clearview AI’s clients include several businesses and academic institutions.

  • Pixsy

Pixsy has made a name for itself as one of the most trustworthy photo identification and image search services. Users may easily find photographs of themselves online thanks to the platform’s face recognition technology.

  • Lookuq

Lookuq is a visual search engine that combines computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to locate visually comparable photos on the web or in any other database. It offers a service that makes it easier for users to discover and share pictures of any object.

  • Social Catfish

One of the tools you can use to assist with your profile picture selection is Social Catfish. It is a very user-friendly image identification tool that enables you to locate misplaced photographs on the Internet and ensures they don’t end up in the hands of someone who might use them improperly.


To summarize, from the above-given article we have all the primitive and top 15 PimEyes Alternatives. On the other hand, Deep Search in PimEyes is only available to Advanced subscribers. Many of the index is thoroughly searched using this technique. 

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