Modern House Design in Ribbon Shape Elevation Facade in Flexhouse

Modern House Design in Ribbon Shape Elevation Facade in Flexhouse. Because Evolution Design make innovative house design for a modern building with an original shape. That modern house design would add a new landmark to the site.

This contemporary and modern house location is just next to railway lines. With curve road access, just by the lake side. This modern residence in Meilen, Switzerland, takes inspiration from the terrain.

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International Modern House Design Style with Ribbon Shape

Flex House Design develope on High level plinthModern residence in Meilen Switzerlandmodern house design,Ribbon like white facade

This cool house is design with its wide walls of glass. With a ribbon-like white facade that winds its way around the house building. This home is so light and mobile in appearance. So, it resembles a futuristic vessel. That has sailed in from the lake and found itself a natural place to dock.

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