Did you Know Employee Benefits in Top IT Companies

What type of IT Companies Provides Employee Benefits around the world. Those corporate giant in IT sector like, Google Inc, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These top IT Companies is also known for their employee benefits and corporate perks providers. Employees Benefits are made to maximize the performance of many companies. so that any reduction in staff morale does not happen inside company environment. Make their employees motivate with secure future and family members life, also.

Employee Benefits in Top IT Companies

The IT companies staff increase in functionality. as well as other facilities for the company.  Tell you about those top IT firms, which are announced periodically improved features for Employee benefits.

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What Google Company Give Benefits to their Employees?

Google Interview Questions,

Google Employees (spouse) 10 Years after Death of a Dependent is half The Salary.

Twitter Employee Benefits and Perks.

twitter work

Twitter Employees Form Three time meals and Taking case of the Health class is aque punchers allows.

What are the Facebook Employee Benefits?

Facebook job,

  • Share via Facebook for neonatal care is 270000 Indian Rupee.
  • Addition to regular employees – self for year 6 days of holiday leave in voluntary
  • Addition to donation to favorite charities get 60000 Indian Rupee.

Employee Benefits work with Adobe.

Adobe Company is Close for 7 days in June And December. Adobe’s Educational Assistance program reimburses up to INR 150,000 per year of business-related courses and certificate programs.


Adobe’s Personal Accident policy protects you at a sum insured of INR 10 Lakhs. Adobe Employees can cover their spouse, up to 2 children and dependent parents. Annual medical checkups are also available for adobe employees.

Spotify Employee Benefits.

Spotify – Newborn care company in addition to the 6 Month. Parental Leave Spotify Office on Joining Manpansad Shift is The Freedom to Choose.

AirBNB Employee Benefits.

AirBNB – AirBnb Employees are 120000 INR. Staipenddeti. AirBnb Employees can visit the place list of By Air BNB.

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So, wingers – what do you think about corporate perks and employee benefits in it companies?. Choose wise with your knowledge and experties in the field of technology. Have a threads on it, share with us.

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