Modiin Theater Building Architecture By Knafo Klimor Architects

Public buildings, among them Theater Building were traditionally built in city centers. Next to government and religion buildings. Along history, theaters carried a symbolic role. A place of cultural and architectural values, a demonstration of technology and innovation. So, building a theater hall away from an urban center. Within a high-tech complex, near the airport, is not an obvious idea. Still, it carries a clear and reasonable architectural statement.

Theater Building Architecture and Design Brief


What is Theater Building in Terms?

The theater’s interior as opposed to its exterior monumental appearance. Theater hall has a functional design. The theater is essential a dark box. Detached from its immediate surroundings. At theater building space where illusions, stories and shows are create and performed.

Design Brief of Modiin Theater Building.

As per the Architect’s Perspective of Modiin Theater Building. We may assume that if the theater is an independent building. Not necessary connected to the intensive urban center. By its entity and function, and if the artistic occurrence.

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Which takes place on its stage, is not immediately exposed to the streets or the square. Than its presence in the city center is no longer a prerequisite for its performance.

Moreover, the presence of a significant cultural institution. Such as a theater Building within a business center has benefits. It allows conducting cultural activities in the periphery area. And enable employees an easy access to them.

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And use existing parking space and infrastructure in the evening and weekends. Also, its presence may contribute to businesses branding in its surrounding.

Establishing a theater outside an urban center creates an opportunity to experience. A different architecture vocabulary, with no commitment to a strict urban pattern. To a defined urban heritage and to building traditional.

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This reality allows presentation of neutral tolerant architecture. Open to personal interpretation, an architecture that accept a cultural pluralism. And that is inspire by nature and people in the place.

Modiin Theater Building Planning

  • Modiin Theater offers a performing hall with 720 seats.
  • A huge stage over 400 square meters.
  • Number of halls for hosting conferences and lectures.
  • The hall, with its bubble shape, represent a source of light, enclosed in a clear glass box.
  • Main Hall together connect perfect with the surrounding. inviting people for meetings, conversations and participation in cultural activities.
  • The Theater building is design to meet the code (regulatory) of Green Buildings Standards.
  • Using eco materials. Saving significant energy, aiming at mitigating. the impact of the building on the natural environment.




Ref : David Knafo, Architect, photographs: Elad Gonen.

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Modiin Theater is open to varied communities and different age group. It presents a challenging case for an architecture of global condition with secular values.

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