Balcony Design Ideas For Perfect Outdoor Oasis Of House

Hello Folks,….. Balcony Design for home is a versatile concept of house design. Every one of us have a hidden desire, to have a house with beautiful balcony. Beyond just the look and feel of your perfect outdoor oasis.

There are some key balcony design elements that must be considered to make it functional, as well as fun. From what time of day you’ll spend outside to making the most of a small balcony ideas.

Know More Home Balcony Design India.

Home Balcony Design and Decor

Modern balcony design can be created almost anywhere and may take the shape of a hidden balcony, built in balcony, cantilever balcony and bonus balcony. There are also balcony designs. which are almost as big as a porch and with almost as much functional options.

Here is a collection of awesome modern balcony designs,

  • Balcony Of K.S.Residence by InFORM Architects.

Balcony Of K.S.Residence

The balcony is very modern and a glass ceiling used which is a new touch.

  • Balcony decor by Sameer Panchal.

balcony decor

Every room in the house leads you into the balcony or terrace which gives river breeze and view. The riverside facade is designed with more glass to enjoy the river view and north light. The design style is a blend of contemporary and vernacular architecture.

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