Architectural Design Elements of Modern Home is CUBE

Architects are inspire themselves for architectural design process. But, every architectural design inspiration is different. With architectural design elements. Modern House in Cube shape. Here main inspirational source is CUBE. Architect play with addition-subtraction. The cube house in minimalist design. Always create touchy architectural design.

Modern Architectural Design Project with CUBE Shape

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CUBE House D by PANORAMA + WMR Architects is design with minimalist architecture. A dramatic location on top of a cliff. 215 feet above the sea.

two storied cube shape modern house design

modern elevation of cube house with straight lines and void

The Cube House project in the coastal village of Matanzas, Chile. It was especially envisioned as a holiday home for a couple and their son.

The 1,033 sq. ft. minimalist house has a cube-shaped exterior. With large full height window piercings that frame the sea views.

minimalist architectural design of cube house

architectural design of deck in cube home with sea side view

As you step inside modern house. You will discover an intricate architectural design layout, divided in two floors.

The first level accommodates a single space for the living room, dining room and kitchen. In the back, there is room for a sleeping area and the second floor staircase.

double height volume with floating wooden stair in cube home

wooden stair case ideas in modern architectural design

The terrace on the first level is carve into one corner. To form an L-shaped living area.

While the second floor is set on a 45-degree angle. which creates double-height ceilings in the social area.

minimalist interior design in modern white cube home

minimul kitchen design with a sea side view

full height glass window of bedroom

Even during extreme wind, the inhabitants can spend time on the terrace. Thanks to its special design and orientation.

All minimal interiors are finish in natural pine and white plaster. To create a spacious, inviting feel.

ground floor plan of modern cube house

first floor plan of cube house design

Ref : Photography by Sergio Pirrone

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So, Wingers – What do you think about architectural design of weekend home?. Cube house design give you a internal space carving. Which suit your surroundings and personal needs. Although making design for cube house is interesting design exercise, Right?. Have a thought on cube house design, share with us.

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