Contemporary Smart Ranch House Style Architecture and Plans Example

Best Ranch House Design Example with their smart and up to date home automation systems. Because of the ranch home plans in such a way, that owner of this weekend retreat can fit it’s caretaker in a pocket.

When the residents of this ranch house are inside, they are looking out at the hills, the trees, and the sunsets. They craved a visual retreat. Said Architect Jonathan Feldman.

Contemporary Ranch House Designs Styles

Do you have any ideas how this smart ranch house operated?  With a few taps on the Savant Pro app, the radiant heat is switched on. External blinds are opened, and selected lights are illuminated.

ranch house,

And because the Jacuzzi has been heating up during the two-hour drive, the travelers will be able to head straight into the restorative waters upon arrival.

Come Sunday, a few commands and a touch of Lutron’s Away button (on the phone or on the keypad by the door) shut down the ranch house until the next visit.

The preserve, an old coastal ranch once known as Rancho San Carlos, will never see more than 300 residences built on its 20,000 acres of sweeping hills, redwood groves, pine forests, savannahs, wetlands, and wildflower meadows.

The owner of the modern ranch house decides to build their smart weekend home in particularly far. 13 miles from the main gatehouse of this ranch. Because the couple does not feel any adventure in proximity living. As well as, they are very well connected with their city home at Silicon Valley.

Smart Ranch House Design Concept.

There was always an assumed technological integration in every version of the future, they painted for us, says architect Jonathan Feldman. whose firm has designed a clutch of modernist ranch houses in the preserve?

modern smart ranch house with automated heat, blinds and lights

For them, a ranch retreat was going to be, My house works off my iPhone. And we’re cozying up to an Apple TV movie. At the same time, the couple. Whose primary residence is wired for only television and music, wanted to keep it simple.

Contemporary Ranch House Expectations.

For the couple, Ranch OH isn’t just a neatly tricked-out weekend retreat. It is a base camp for exploring nature. From hiking up to a grassy knoll to drink wine and admire the sunset.

the residents stream music from their phones in outdoor room of ranch house

To experiencing the preserve, the Carmel coast. And Big Sur on all-day outings, far outside the range of cell phone service.

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