Creative Wall Mounted Wood Handrail Design for Young and Child Both

Wooden handrail designs residence: Handrail Design is a vast part in interior design. But here we see wall mounted wood handrail design. This wooden handrail design give the proper solution for young and child both. When Gayet-Roger Architects were design daycare building. in Bordeaux, France. They put some thought into; how the handrails should be design?. so they would suit both young peoples and children.

Wood Handrail Design Ideas and Examples

Designer put their thoughts on design of staircase. With proper detail of wood handrail detail.

wood handrail design,

Architect propose design with two sets of wooden handrails. On each side of the stairs. The wall, there are two wood handrails attached at different heights.

On the other side, they designed built-in handrails into the wood wall. Both are a useful wood handrail design detail. That allow children to safe climb the stairs just like adults.

Example with a trendy entryway design in Seattle with beige walls and hardwood floors.

Wood Handrail Design Detail Pictures

wooden handrail design, wall mounted wood handrail design,

wood handrail

Know more about Interior Design Elements of Staircase.

So, Wingers – This is a good example of staircase design. With wood handrail design. In detail purpose of day to day activity. Have an ideas on this type of topics?. Share with us.

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