Elements of Design in Modern Concrete Home Architecture with Example

What are the Elements of Design? What type of elements of design make better architecture. Which Design Elements suits their functionality and aesthetics. Many architects use simple and straight 7 elements of design, to create space.

We are going to see how to use elements of design? In combination of concrete plane wall. And give architectural language to that compositions. Modern Concrete house is creating with simple design elements.

Architectural Elements of Design Principle

By coordinating elements of design form, Architect Yuri Vital, Compose those architectural design elements for modern concrete house, in Tibau do Sul, Tibau do Sul – RN, Brasil.

elements of design,

Through the different levels and the architectural elements of design shape, we achieve rich spatiality. By Using 7 elements of design Principles, you can get three basic things at any corner of the modern house.

  1. Proper Ventilation.
  2. Perfect View.
  3. Natural Lighting.


Elements of Interior Design.

The idea is to create house with unique elements of design. By breaking regular contemporary house designing practice. In contributing to innovative house design concept.


Architect use elements of design in the name of just two beam and four columns. The entire concrete house stand upon it. This modern house is stand out by their architectural design elements. With considering an affordable cost of construction.

Concrete House Elements of Design Space Fact File.

  • Architects – Yuri Vital.
  • Location – Tibau do Sul, Tibau do Sul – RN, Brasil.
  • Ambience – S + N Architecture and Interiors.
  • Area – 220.0 sqm
  • Project Year – 2016
  • Photographs – Nelson Kon.

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