World’s longest building oiio proposes in New York skyscraper

The world’s longest building oiio proposes In New york skyscraper. Architectural studio oiio has conceived skyscrapers for New York, which has been termed as the ‘tallest building in the world’. This plan has been proposed for Manhattan’s 57th Street, a major route that includes one 57 and 432 Park Avenue. This controversial ‘row ” billionaires’ has created a lot of debate, raising questions about economic conditions and regional policies that have brought about the current situation.

World’s longest building oiio proposes in New York

We will generally learn about the tallest building and we are always impressed by the price per square foot, ‘Oiio says. It seems that the height of a property is going on as a license to be expensive. New York City’s zoning laws have created a unique set that developers try to increase it with the reputation of high level structure to maximize their property height. But what if we replace the height with length? What if the height of our buildings rather than long? ‘

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