Five Tricks and Tips To Win Online Ludo Game

If there is one game universally loved by people of any country, any gender or any age group, it is Ludo. Ludo has single-handedly played a defining role in raising the popularity of online board games amongst people of every generation. The main reason for this popularity is because the game of Ludo has forever been a large part of the childhood of almost every person in India. Hence, whenever people get the opportunity of experiencing this part of their childhood by playing Ludo, they grab it with both hands.

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In recent years, with a steep rise in technology, the need to experience childhood games in the palm of your hand started increasing. Banking on this need, tech companies started heavily investing in such games so as to attract high user interest. Ludo became commercialized, and as a result, its popularity managed to reach an all-time high. More and more apps started getting developed. Users can now ludo app download on the go from wherever they want to. With the newly added feature of making money while playing Ludo, the apps started getting downloaded by the millions.

With the need to become successful in the game, the need for tips and tricks also arrived.

Here are five tips and tricks that will take you closer to winning your Ludo game.

1. Ensure That Your Tokens Are Spread Across the Board

This is one of the biggest mistakes that is made by players. You have to make sure that you keep moving your pieces on the board. It is in your best interest to spread your tokens across the board as much as you can.

This helps you strategize your next moves accordingly if you are stuck in a situation. It helps make your next move clear and also helps you to adjust and adapt to any surprises thrown your way by the opponents.

2. Ensure That All of Your Tokens Are Out

You need to get all your tokens into the play from the beginning. This is needed to be done so that you will have options to look for when in a fix rather than relying just on a single token to make it to the finish line. This will give you a lot of flexibility in deciding your next steps as well.

If the number on your dice is low and you have no other than to move that crucial token. This will not happen if all of your tokens are out. Even if you lose a token, your first aim after it should be to bring a six and get that token out.

3. Ensure That You Keep Working on a Different Plan 

This will make you an incredible opponent to play a game of Ludo against. You need to use a little bit of brain and foresight and enact your master plan. You have to plan your next move without keeping yourself restricted to the play on your hand.

Instead, you should look towards the next move on your next roll of the dice. This will confuse your opponents about your intentions, thus giving you the upper hand in the match. This works just like any other game which requires a little bit of brain to play.

4. Ensure You Eliminate Your Opponent Whenever Possible

You have to strategically eliminate your opponents as it carves an easy path for you to move your tokens ahead. The important thing to remember is that the more opponent’s tokens you eliminate, the higher your chances of winning the ludo online game increases.

Another thing worth remembering is that if you don’t eliminate your opponents, they will eliminate you. So, keep that in mind. Don’t use a defensive approach, instead go full throttle with your attacking.

5. Ensure That Your Opponents Don’t Get the Upper Hand

After the point of you getting an upper hand on your opponents, you need to make sure that your opponents don’t get an upper hand over you. You need to block your opponents from reaching too close to their finishing square.

You need to place your tokens at strategic places which will prevent your opponents from finishing the game or taking the high ground in your battle never wait to strike or move. The online gameplay is at times unpredictable and you never know when the opponents get the better of you.

So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you have to strike whenever an opportunity presents itself and move quickly across the board after the aforesaid opportunity comes your way.

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