Why is League of Legends more popular in Asia than Dota 2?

Like two different dimensions, there are two existing MOBA projects, which attract millions of people each day to play them. Spectacular esports events during the year, thousands of professional esports teams from all over the world, greatest highlights, which we can see from day to day in different media sources, biggest streamers in the industry, and all other factors, which prove that these games are kings in their field. These games are – League of Legends and Dota 2.

From the beginning of the existence of these games, there was a competition between them for auditory, for bigger prize pools, and skill level needed for professionals to become champions. Hence, the same competition is still active, but there is one undeniable fact – League of Legends remain more popular in the Asia region.

It’s a known fact, and still, Dota 2 cant attract as much community in Asia as LoL does for more than ten years of existence of the games. So, how is it possible that a game known worldwide cannot come even close to LoL analyzing statistics of community and playtime?


Speaking about the community’s preferences, we often forget huge differences between regions for which we are creating, developing, and updating our games. That’s the first fact that makes LoL much more attractive to Asia. From the character’s design to the little pieces of their gear, all that makes an impression of the game, which was created and updated specially for the Asia region.

The important thing is that LoL edited guides it to the more polite and beautiful game, in the meaning of passion and kindness, which is essential for habitants of the region.

There was an interesting fact that for some time (officially), Dota 2 was even banned in some districts of the Asia region for overwhelming violence in the game (the government didn’t like the Pudge model of that time), which made League of Legends the only one option for consuming as a MOBA game of that time.

So it is hard to imagine fair competitiveness between these two games when there was only LoL news around media.

In addition, even now, people in the Asia region prefer something closer to their culture. Riot Games company is oriented on their tastes much more than other areas because they are almost monopolists in Asia.

Cultural specifications?

We are noticing people`s preferences. We also need to speak about the cultural base of the region, which is hardly integrated into the  League of Legends guides, news, and updates. We can see the Japanese style of characters crossing with the history and mythological sides of the region’s culture.

Suppose you will see LoL news at Tips.GG’s LoL news section, you will mention the difference between the LoL news and Dota 2 news. There are different accents. In the first case, we have the positive, non-aggressive vibe, which attracts us with bright colors of the photos from tournaments, while Dota 2 news is more about the teams and esports in the end.

All these create a philosophy about the games themselves, which is in the Asia region not about competition, but teamwork and success.

From the video content of the games, such as trailers of the seasons and tournament announcements, we can also see a difference. Riot games are trying to create not a simple statement but a whole video, which will keep your eye on it for enough time to deliver information.

Total monopoly and lack of interest

Making the LoL analysis, we can say that it has almost a monopoly on the market of MOBA games. Statistically, suppose we check the most accessible parameters of the game’s popularity as the number of viewers on Twitch.

In that case, we will mention a massive gap between Dota 2 and League of Legends. There are three times bigger communities on Twitch in LoL, which makes it clear that this game is not only the champion of MOBA in the Asia region but in the world.

The frequent updates of the game, new characters, exciting gameplay, and less toxic community make this game preferable among all players. At the same time, the game is badly developing and escalating as an additional reason to choose LoL for people.

All in all, we can say that LoL`s activity predictions will only rise with more time, and this game will become a real king of the sport in the world. But it is still a chance for Dota 2 to be reborn and compete with LoL as in past time.

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