World’s first disposable paper develop razor by kai

Kai, a Japanese knife manufacturer, has announced the launch of the world’s first paper razor. Created with eco-friendliness in mind, the disposable razor uses paper throughout the body and metal for the blade, reducing the use of plastic by 98% compared to conventional razors.

Single use plastics are one of our most critical environmental issues. And you don’t have to travel far to find them. Practically every hotel room is stocked with a plastic razor, ready to be used once and thrown away. Japanese company KAI Industries is solving for this with their latest creation: a 98% plastic free paper razor.

world's first disposable paper razor,

Disposable paper razor by kai

You’re obviously wondering, how would a paper razor fare under exposure to water? Well, the fine folks at the Japan-based Kai Group fashioned the Paper Razor out of a relatively water-resistant grade of paper – keeping durable milk cartons and cardboard paper-spoons in mind.

The handle can withstand water temperatures of up to 104°F (40°C), allowing you to shave with lukewarm water, and the metal head even features a notched channel on top that makes it easy to rinse shaved hair off the blade every few strokes.

kai's disposable paper razor,

Project info:

  • Name: Kamika Misori
  • Created by: kai
  • Measurements: 131.5 x 59.7 x 3.1 mm (length x width x thickness) before assembly and 96 x 41.6 x 17 mm after assembly
  • Price: usd $10.29 for a 5-paper razor pack
  • Available: from April 1st in japan
disposable paper razor,

Paper razor specifications

Kai has created the paper razor with milk cartoons or durable paper spoons in mind, referencing their water-resistant characteristics, allowing the razor to be used even if wet or under hot water (about 40ºc).

Measuring only 131.5 x 59.7 x 3.1 mm (length x width x thickness) before assembly and 96 x 41.6 x 17 mm after assembly, the razor weighs a total of 4 grams, making it ideal for traveling and easy to use.

Available in five colours — ocean blue, botanical red, jade green, sunny yellow, and sand beige — the razor will be available in japan from April 1st. The five-colour set will cost around usd $10.30.

kai develops world's first disposable paper razor,

Words from kai developer

‘Rather than simply replacing plastic with paper, we designed it with a handle that is as easy to hold and sharp as a plastic razor,’ said kai.

Not only is the handle made entirely from paper but it also comes flat-packed, making it easier to carry around. It folds like origami to take the shape of a razor. The blade comes with a protective sticker, which you remove and wrap around the handle to secure it before use.

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