Indulge in the Art of Creating Steampunk Hats with Recycled Materials

Steampunk is not only a name associated with headwear. There is a craze for creating steampunk fashion and home décor by mixing different materials. Recently, steampunk lamps have gained popularity for their beautiful look and appearance. The steampunk style includes lampshades, décor pieces, and a wide range of other items.

If you want to make steampunk hats, you require a few materials. The first of these is a bucket along with corrugated cardboard. You need cardstock to stick to the bucket’s surface to start the process. It forms the base for the hat and gives it a good structure. Now comes the process of beautifying the structure. You require embellishments for this, depending on your budget and requirement.

Add texture to your hat

You must explore the fascinating part of hat-making. Use your imagination and grab on to this step. You may use different stencils for adding texture and pattern to your hat. Place the stencil on the bucket and draw some designs according to your taste. Paste these textures over the stencil by using a spatula. Finish pasting, keep it aside for drying. Use different stencils available in the market for adding different patterns and creating attractive designs.

Add more layers to your hat

If you do not possess stencils, you may use locally available items at home. These items include the following:

  • • Nuts
  • • Burlap fabric
  • • Paper packaging
  • • Christmas beads
  • • Corrugated cardboard
  • • Bolts
  • • Beads
  • • Broken jewelry
  • • Old keys

When experimenting with fashion makeovers, you don’t have to be tidy. Randomly cover your headwear with bobs and bits. You don’t have to stick to any hard and fast procedure for gluing these items on the hat.

Add charm to your headwear

When you look at hats in the market, the first thing that attracts you is the charm. The same is the case with your handmade hats. You have to look for cheaper yet attractive options to add charisma to your headwear when you take the task. There are multiple items you may use for decorating your hat, which are available at home. For adding impressions, you may take the help of the Internet for some ideas.

In some cases, people paint the hat patterns to add a personalized touch. If you are a creative soul, you can use a similar approach and make a hat to please your fantasies. You can also use any decoration of your choice. Anything that creates charm and suits your budget is the ideal choice.

Work on the brim

The brim of the hat is the most vital part. It adds a distinct look to the headwear. Remember that the brim size should not be less than five centimeters: the more comprehensive the brim, the more mysterious your look. For this, you have to draw a circle on the cardboard and cut it out. You have to trace the brim around the bucket and proceed with the process. Be steady with your tools and take time to draw the circle. Slowly cut out the piece and be careful not to bend the cardboard.

Decorate the brim

You may have some ideas in your mind when decorating the hat. The same is the case with the steampunk hat. You may use fake leather and stick it directly on the brim. Use glue and be generous with the amount. You have to cut slits in the material and then fold it on the cardboard. Glue it very well so that nothing comes out.

The final finish

Try decorating the brim the way you decorated your hat. Never overdo the brim because it will unnecessarily increase the weight of the hat. Add the brim to the bucket and be very careful. Tape it well and keep it for drying.

Steampunk hats are best for both formal and informal events. They sync well with the background. You do not have to think before selecting them. All you need to do is select the correct color, pattern, and style. Go for the rustic style that pairs well with jeans and trousers.

You might try the tall crown steampunk hat that is best-suited for your office and wedding parties. They go well with formal suits and standard watches. Try to balance all the elements so that the cap does not look out of the box. Now you are ready with your steampunk hat.

You may add the details according to your preference. These days wax paste is in trend. You may use these for highlighting the elements. When working with wax, be careful to stick embellishments neatly on the surface of the hat. You aim to cover the surface and not increase the weight of the hat. All you get is a highlighted version of a steampunk top hat to create stunning style trend in 2022. Explore the digital forum to get good steampunk hats to blend with your quirky fashion sense.

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