Alternatives Putlocker to Watch Movies/TV Online Free

Who doesn’t love watching movies in the comfort of their own home, that too without spending a lot of money? Putlocker is the leading online streaming site to fulfill entertainment needs. The website hosts one of the largest collections of the latest national and international movies.

Because of the many copyright infringements, the Putlocker website gets taken down often. These days, Putlocker is almost always unavailable for viewers logging in from different corners of the world.

This article aims to explore and evaluate ten Putlocker alternatives, shedding light on their strengths, and weaknesses on websites like Kanopy, Tubi, etc. By providing insights into these alternatives, readers can make informed decisions about their streaming preferences.

10 Alternatives To Putlocker For Movie Lovers

There is no end to the number of movie websites that have sprung up all over the internet today that are replacing original platforms like Putlocker and Kanopy.

1. Tubi

Also known as TubiTV, this one is without a doubt one of the most popular alternatives to the international streaming site Putlocker. Tubi hosts a library of classic and contemporary horror, science fiction, crime mystery, comedy, etc.

What makes Tubi unique are its efficient servers that can load multimedia in HD quality within minutes. The interface is attractive and the front page claims boldly “No subscription required”!

2. YesMovies

Movies and series available on YesMovies come in multiple languages and captions, with an added option for HD-quality streaming. Its library includes telenovelas, kdramas, cdramas and so much more.

The website is lightweight and compatible with both laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. You can browse new content on the category lists that include featured movies, genre movies, latest releases, etc. YesMovies also allows users to download full-length content – just make sure you are subscribed to a strong antivirus before you do that!

3. Movie4k

This is one of the most popular free online movie streaming websites out there. This is one of the original websites to provide free content that made use of user-hosted directories.

One of the most surprising promises of Movie4k is its ad-free viewing experience! The major drawback of Movie4k, on the other hand, is the multitude of diverting links that keep popping up and interrupting the show. 

4. Crackle

A revolutionizing platform for free movie streaming, Crackle manages to deliver eye-catching elements at first glance. It also boasts a collection of uncut, extra scenes of popular cult classics that viewers go crazy for.

All content on Crackle is free and the website allows users to stream the same content an unlimited number of times. Crackle also comes as an app that is available for both Android and iOS. However, viewers are regularly let down by Crackle because the website keeps crashing. The website also includes many original productions.

5. HiTV

This free source of movies, TV series, and web series comes as both a website and a mobile app. HiTV is known for its HD-quality content and malware-free atmosphere that can be accessed anonymously by users.

The platform is dedicated to Asian content including Korean, Japanese, and Chinese productions. A small bracket of the content found on HiTV is hidden behind a paywall, but this content consists mostly of adult films and underrated artistic creations.

6. 123Movies

These days, 123Movies operates in several different domains, and the library is updated almost every day with the latest movies and episodes. If you are looking for a movie that is unavailable on most sites, there are chances you will find it on 123Movies.

The website has a beautiful search algorithm that categorizes shows based on genre, latest releases, top trends, etc. Most importantly, 123Movies has an extensive connection with other IPTV sites from which it gathers new content. 

7. TinyZone

A simple site, TinyZone comes with a splendid website with all the best movies already listed on the home page! It offers most movies and web series on three or more servers – this means you can still stream your favorite content when the main server isn’t working!

The servers usually run on HD 720p and 1080p. TinyZone also offers captions in English and Spanish, sometimes including languages like Chinese and Japanese. 

8. MoviesJoy

With its bubbly interface and quick response route, using MoviesJoy is an experience of ultimate comfort. Viewers can stream unlimited content in subbed and dubbed formats without needing subscriptions. 

MoviesJoy promises viewers a completely secure and private experience. No subscription is required and anonymity is maintained. There are no ads, adware, or viruses involved in the experience of streaming MoviesJoy. 

9. GoMovies

There is no movie lover who hasn’t used GoMovies at least once. GoMovies regularly updates its vast collection of movies with small-budget to blockbuster productions from around the world. 

Several domains created by GoMovies for countries like Korea, China, India, etc ensure that local shows reach a foreign audience at no extra cost. If you want the most personalized experience possible, you can simply go for the GoMovies app instead.

10. FMovies

An amazing Putlocker alternative for those who love watching movies on the go, FMovies streams high-quality video and audio content on minimum data usage. 

Each listen movie comes with a small summary and detailed list of direction, production, cast, and other crucial information. Viewers should make sure they have a trustworthy VPN account while streaming these sites to protect themselves from cyber-tracking. 


In summary, if a user does not find the Putlocker website suitable or cannot access it at present, they can choose to find free entertainment on Movie4k, Crackle, Popcornflix, etc. There are many Pulocker alternatives that you will find on the internet you can go for if you are looking forward to watch movies and TV shows for free. 

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