Best SEO Optimization Alphabet with SEO Tools Basics

SEO Alphabet for learn basic SEO optimization. SEO Alphabet is search engine optimization a,b,c,d,.. We are learn best white seo tactics for wordpress website. For better organic traffic increase.

Best SEO Optimization Basics Tools

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  • Anchor Text: A clickable text in a hyper link, should be keyword rich.


– Algorithm.

Alternate Text.


  • Back Link: An incoming link to a website from another website. It is always better to have less high quality links than more low quality ones.

– Blog.

– Bing.

– Black Hats SEO.

– Bounce rate.


  • Content: Every piece of information on a website. Text, Images, Videos, Animations, etc. Having quality content is the most important part of SEO.

– Conversion Rate.

– Crawler.

– CTR and CPC.


  • Deep Linking: Building links to inner pages of a website(site.com/page). and not only home page (site.com). Which makes a link building campaign look very natural.

– Duplicate Content.

– Directory Submission.


  • External Links: Links that lead to a website on a different domain. Especially good when it is high authority website and blogs.


  • Fresh Content: New, interesting and relevant pieces of information. (text, images, videos). It is important to update content at least once a month.

– Feed.

– Filter.


  • Google Search: Most used search engine on the internet. with over 5 billion searches every day. So, it is important to have your website optimized for google search friendly.

– Gateway Pages.


  • Headings: Used to briefly describe and introduce the subject of next section. Heading should include keywords and keyword phrases.

– Html.

– .htaccess



  • Internal Links: Links from one page on a site to another page on the same site. This internal links help with spreading link juice and navigation on the site.

– Impressions.

– Inbound Links.


  • Javascript: A scripting language that adds various dynamic features. When embeded in HTML. Not everyone can see that content. So be careful about java scripts.


  • Keywords: A word or a phrase that user writes in search engine. Should be mention on the website. but not too often, it is recommend to use different forms of main keyword.

– Keyword Density

– Keyword Research.


  • Link Building: Process of creating incoming links to your website to increase its authority. And search ranking should be as natural as possible. With links from high authority websites.

– Landing Page.

– Long Tail Keywords.

– LSI.

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  • Meta Description: A short description of the content on the page. It should be relevant and unique to the page and keyword rich.

– Site Metrics.


  • Niche: A subject of the website, a topic the contenty is focused on. Important for finding keywords.

– Negative SEO.

– Nofollow.


  • Organic Search Results: Unpaid search results. Organized by relevancy of the content. Most clicks on search results are on the organic search results.

– Outbound Links.


  • Penalty: A punishment for a website is what?. When search algorithms define as spam. For Prevents the site from ranking highly. It could happen after too aggressive link building campaign or really bad on page SEO.

– PPC.

– Page Rank.


  • Quality Over Quantity: Whether it’s about links or content. Quality is always more important than quantity.


  • Redirect: Several methods used to change the address of a landing page. Usually when a site is moved to a new domain. It could be used to avoid penalization when building links aggressively.

– ROI.



  • Social Media: Websites used by people to share content with others. Very important part of SEO.

– Usability.

– Unique visitors.


  • Trust Rank: A search relevancy algorithm. That gives more weight to links coming from relevant and trusted websites. It is increased by having more links from high authority sites.

– Trackbacks.

– Title.


  • URL: A web address unique for every website. Made out of letters, numbers, dots and lines. Web address including keywords or keyword phrases too.

– Usability.

– Unique Visitors.


  • Visits: Number of users that opened a website. Increased with quality content, good seo and more social shares.

– Viral Marketing.


  • WordPress: Easy to use open source blogging platform. With thousands of customization themes and plugins, with great for SEO.

– White hat SEO.


  • XML: Extensible Markup Language, a simple. Very flexible text format used to make it easy. To format information using technologies such as RSS.



  • Yahoo: a popular website and search engine.

– YouTube.


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