30 Unforgettable Most Celebrity Embarrassing Moments Photos

Most Celebrity Embarrassing Moments Photos, with some embarrassing celebs exposed photos, which goes viral on social media networks. Most embarrassing moments? CHECK! Shameless people? CHECK! Selfie mistakes? CHECK! Worst fails? CHECK!.

Most Celebrity Embarrassing Moments Photos

We have assembled the best of the best, the most hilarious photos starring in each and every one of those categories mentioned above – and all of it in order for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this wacky ride!.

Khloe Kardashian’s spanx.

Khloe Kardashian’s spanx

So that’s her secret! Khloe’s Spanx made a quick appearance while she walked down the street on a windy day.

As embarrassing moments as this photo is, it’s not without precedent. After all, a similar thing happened to Marilyn Monroe! And that may be the first and last time Khloe Kardashian is ever compared to Marilyn Monroe.
Katy Perry’s nude bodysuit.

but the novelty must have soured by the time the official ceremony came around.

Katy Perry’s nude bodysuit

At this point, Katy Perry looks quite eager to get off the stage!

Jennifer Lawrence trips at the 2013 Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence trips at the 2013 Oscars

The star of The Hunger Games may be able to beat The Capital, but this gown definitely won the day in 2013. She got her Oscar anyway, though. Any everyone loved her for being human.


Fergie wets her pants on stage.

Fergie wets her pants on stage

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas may have gotten a little overexcited during a performance. Then again, some of those shows are hours long and bathroom breaks are few and far between. We feel embarrassing moments for ya Fergie.


Taylor Swift Gives Her Audience an Eye Full.

Taylor Swift had her very own Marilyn Monroe moment at a concert in St. Louis in 2011.

The audience got more than they were expecting when a wind machine blew up Taylor’s dress, revealing her undies which were surprisingly grandma-like.

Taylor Swift Gives Her Audience an Eye Full

Despite the wardrobe malfunction, Swift was able to quickly, well, shake it off and keep performing.

Still pretty embarrassing moments, though.


Tara Reid’s Epic Wardrobe Malfunction.

Tara Reid’s Epic Wardrobe Malfunction


Christina Aguilera at Etta James’ funeral.

While singing for Etta James’ funeral in 2012, Christina Aguilera was mortified by a brown liquid that began dripping down her legs mid-performance.

Christina Aguilera at Etta James’ funeral

Look for it, look for it – yes, there it is.  Officially, it’s a spray-tanning malfunction. We have no unofficial opinion on what actually happened.

Apart from the brown liquid can we all agree that Christina was perhaps showing a bit too much cleavage at a funeral? Double embarrassing moments there.

Demi Moore dances like crazy

Demi Moore dances like crazy

Katy Perry again – this time, with cake.

The story behind this mishap is a little complicated. Katy was performing her hit song “I Kissed A Girl” for the MTV Latin America awards.

The act called for her to belly-flop into a giant cake, which went just as planned.

Katy Perry again – this time, with cake

However, they hadn’t planned for cake – and slippery frosting – to get all over the stage. When Katy emerged, she slipped in the mess and couldn’t get off the floor.

Eventually, she crawled backstage and was other members of the production helped her. Ouch, embarrassing moments.

The Wardrobe Malfunction.

The blame for this falls solidly on Justin Timberlake, who got a little too enthusiastic when tearing Janet Jackson’s clothing on stage during the 2004 Superbowl Halftime show.

The Wardrobe Malfunction

You can see by his face that he knows he went a little too far. Poor Janet just can’t seem to believe it. Or maybe the whole thing was planned in advance.

Louie Spencer, what were you thinking?.

It’s definitely impolite and most people would call it rude, too. We’re not sure how Louie Spencer wrote this one off, but if he’s doing what we think he’s doing at the premier of “The Dictator,” then he should be embarrassing moments.

Louie Spencer, what were you thinking

(What we think he’s doing is proving himself a total jerk and indicating to all women everywhere that he’s not mature enough to be a suitable romantic partner.) Then again, he’s male, so there’s that.

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