Date Night Tips for Men: What to Wear for A Date

Anyone that has a date planned out would want to impress on the first day and date. It is often said that first impressions matter, and it matters. Dates involve two individuals who intend to get to know each other. It also consists of understanding each other’s personalities, character traits, likes, dislikes, plans, and interests.

Date Night Tips for Men: What to Wear for A Date

Going on dates involves lots of planning and perfection of how and what the event should look like. Unlike women whose date plans can be complex, men do not need a make-up session for a date. Men need classy but straightforward clothing and accessories to make a statement on their first date. Here are some of the clothing and accessories men are to wear on a first date.

1. Wristwatch

Apart from keeping time, wristwatches are a staple male accessory and can give you a gentleman look. It would be a bad idea if on a first date you arrive late. You must arrive on time to avoid anxiety and so much. A man going on a first date with a timepiece will help keep you punctual.

There are different types of dress watches. You can choose to sport a luxurious Hermes watch or a more laid-back sports watch, as long as you have an actual watch on your wrist. It would be wrong to always go through your phone during a first date to check the time, so using a wristwatch instead is ideal. 

Always checking your phone while on a date could give your date a wrong signal that you have other important things to do than the date. There is a convenience when you check the time with your wristwatch during dates. It might look rude and uncultured to use anything other than your watch to check the time during heartfelt conversations with your date.

Luxury watches are a high-status wrist accessory, but an inexpensive, simple dress watch would also do the trick. Most women feel attracted to stylish men and what other thing can make a man stylish than a wristwatch?

2. Long Sleeve Shirt

A long sleeve shirt is an appropriate cloth a man can wear on a first date. However, this should be worn to a location that calls for it, for example, a fancy restaurant. It leaves on the date the impression that he is classy and stylish. It can be worn and can go with anything one adds to it. It can be worn with a suit, a suit vest, or a sweater pulled over. It can keep a man warm when he feels cold.

When one gets cold during a date, they begin to show signs of discomfort and gloom, thereby giving the date the impression that they are bored. If the first date went well, a second and subsequent date would always follow and probably lead to a more serious and fruitful relationship.

3. Neck Tie

Wearing a necktie to a casual date might be overkill, but it can be a suitable accessory if you are attending a formal event together. Ties give you an extra classic look and perception. People often view men on ties as gentlemen. So don’t always think ties are only for your pastors. Neck Ties are accessories men can use for a first-time date. It denotes formality, class, and style. It will be nice if you wear a red necktie with a long sleeve shirt.

4. Brogue Shoes

These shoes define all that a man wears. Shoes are like the foundation of every fashion accessory, for they hold on together everything that a man puts on. Your dressing cannot be complete without it. The type of shoes you choose depending on the location of your date as it might be inappropriate to wear sneakers to a high-end restaurant. Brogue shoes should be worn in a formal setting. 

5. Bracelet

Both men and women wear bracelets. They can be made with different materials like leather, chains, and charms. Bracelets can easily give you an appealing look and can also symbolize culture or beliefs. It is used in most traditions as a symbol of status, bond, or commitment. 


There are many things men can wear during first dates that can have a lasting impression on them. A wristwatch is very simple and doesn’t necessarily lead one into distractions. Having a cellphone could lead to checking social media apps like Twitter and Facebook, which could send a wrong signal to date. A woman should have a special feeling and security around men rather than the other way round. 

Always make sure you wear a crease-resistant shirt. Iron your shirt, possibly take it to the laundryman. A woman should have the feeling that the man is clean and modest. If a woman feels that the man’s shirt is not ironed, it could imply that he is unprepared and immodest. Every man should never overlook but use these accessories and clothing on first dates.

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