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IKEA: Collection of Toilet Paper Holder

Accessories for the bathroom are typically added last when renovating or creating a new house. It’s also easy to make mistakes here, which can result in costly harm to tile work and other finishes. To get it right the first time, make sure everything fits into the bathroom layout and follows the standard guidelines. With this, if you have a bunch of options at once go then it is a plus one. IKEA provides you with a wide range of options with minimalist-to-shuttle designs. Let us look at the various options at IKEA. 


The Brogrund is a simple, clean, and crispy design. With its clean and modest this series provides a large selection of accessories with a contemporary, clean design to bring order out of chaos. The sleek design is enhanced by small details like hidden screws.

The holder is 9 cm wide, 14 cm in length, and 6 cm in height with a weight of 0.23 kg.

There are no visible screws because the fasteners are hidden. composed of stain-resistant and easily-cleanable stainless steel. The holder is


The free-standing toilet paper holder series is cheek and sleek in design and use. With this the space organization is maximum. Additionally, this holder keeps all of the extra rolls close at hand and the toilet paper at a comfortable height.

The free-standing toilet is 17 cm wide, 17 cm in depth, and 56 cm in height. The holder is made of sturdy, rust-resistant steel with zinc plating.


With features like hidden screws and a chrome finish that give your bathroom a cohesive aesthetic, the Balungen series is as elegant as it is clever. The holder stands 61 cm high and 15cm wide.

The toilet paper roll may be changed fast and effortlessly thanks to the magnetic fitting design of the holder. There are no visible screws because the fasteners are hidden. The chrome finish is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting


A simple pattern with a strong black statement. The SKOGSVIKEN range provides innovative solutions for space organization and a dash of personality for your bathroom.

The holder is 13 cm wide, 8 cm deep, and 6 cm high.


The TISKEN series makes objects easily accessible without requiring you to create holes in your walls. Unless you wish them to, the tight-grip suction cups won’t release from smooth surfaces like tiles or glass. The white and black color in the design adds up to the minimalist approach for the overall aesthetical appeal. 

The holder width is 15 cm. Simply wiping off the wall surface and pressing the unit in place, is the easiest and most functional usage of the holder making it easier. When applied to flat surfaces like tiles or glass, the suction cups hold on firmly.


The busiest bathroom moments become pure pleasure with KALKGRUND bathroom planners. Thank you to the hidden screws and the sparkling chrome that brightens your morning, you may feel both quality and luxury.

The design is slow and sleek on screws or any joineries are visible. The design helps to keep the overall area clean and hygienic.

These simple, cheek, and sleek designs elevate the overall aesthetical mood of the bathroom with not much money.


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