Easy way to power saved is power earned: Money saved money earned

Easy way to power saved is power earned – Money saved money earned is common phenomenon the world. Over that the spiral increase in electrical bills is putting the monthly budget for a toss. With general increase in life style and advent of newer gadgets which are primarily electricity driven, the electricity consumption per month is always shooting up. However with the help of easy way to energy saving choices or energy efficient choices, one can save on electricity and subsequently on the money without giving up the comforts of home- whether it is a rented apartment of Owen house. For most people, the monthly electric bill accounts for significant part of the monthly budget.

Easy Way to Save Energy Consumption

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So, what are the common things that can simply and easy way to cut one’s electricity bill without making major renovations to one’s home? Here are few suggestions for easy way to save energy.


Unplug seldom used appliances, like a microwave that one may save around Rs.150 every month on the utility bill.

Unplug the chargers when you are not charging or the device is fully charged. every house is full of little plastic power supplies to charge cell phones, digital cameras, cordless tools and other personal gadgets. To easy way to save electricity, keep them unplugged until you need them.

Switch off and unplug televisions, home theater equipment, set top boxes when not in use. Even when one thinks that these products are off, together, its ‘stand’ consumption can be equivalent to that of a 60watt or a 100 watt light bulb lit up for a month.


Easy way to save energy, use the sleep mode feature on your PC-laptop or even your smart phone, allowing it to use less power when inactive. In windows of a PC, the power management settings are found on the control panel.

Configure the PC to ‘ Dormancy’ automatically after 10-15 minutes of inactivity. the dormant mode turns the computer off such that it doesn’t require to reload everything when switched on. Allowing the computer to dormancy that is also easy way to save energy. It is more time efficient than shutting down and restarting the computer from scratch. However when one is done for the day, do not forget to switch it off.


Set the thermostat in winter to 26C or more during the daytime, and 28C before ging to sleep. during the summer, set thermostats to 24C degrees or more.

Use sunlight wisely. during the summer season, roll curtains-Venetian blinds when the air conditioner is in use or will be used later in the day.

Easy way to set the thermostat on your water heater between 48 to 54c. Lower temperatures can save more energy.


Set the refrigerator temperature at 3C to 6C. the freezer should be set between -18 to -15C. Use the power save switch if the fridge has one, and make sure the door seals tightly. Easy way to check this by making sure that a 100rs. note closed in between the door gaskets is difficult to pull out. ( Mind that it does not get torn off, otherwise the savings would anyway will not happen!) If it slides easily between the gaskets, replace them.

Don’t preheat or peek inside the oven more than necessary. Check the seal on the Owen door. Use a microwave oven for cooking or reheating small items.

Wash only full loads in the dishwasher, using short cycles for all but the dirtiest dishes. This saves water and the easy way to energy used to pump and heat it. Set the appropriate water level in a clothes washer for the size of the load; wash in cold water when practical, and always rinse in cold. Many a smart washing machines are equipped with auto selection of water level.

Easy way to clean the lint filter in the dryer after each use drying he clothes outside, if one has time, can also easy way to reduce energy use.


Don’t forget to flick the switch when one leaves a room.

Easy way at the office too, one can switch off the lights during lunch time! Turn out or dim the lights in unused conference rooms. Work by daylight when possible.

Install CFL bulbs: compact fluorescent bulbs produce as much light as conventional incandescent light bulbs. However it consumes 1/5 the electricity to do so. They also last about six times longer than incandescent lights. Now a days LED lights are easily available and consume still lesser power for same illumination requirement.


Outdoor lighting is a easy way to improve the security and curb appeal of one’s home during twilight hours. But if the home’s exterior lighting relies on manual switches, it’s likely that the lights will be left on during day.


Lighted landscape’s or walkways is a nice and easy way to highlight the outdoors, but just like other exterior lighting options, if the light stay on during the day, it culminates in electricity wastage. Best easy way to use the landscape lighting with solar powered lighting. Solar lighting gathers the sun’s energy via photovoltaic cells and automatically switches on when daylight goes dim.


Energy star standards set efficient power usage levels for appliances. It offers the consumer a matrix which can be easy way used when comparing power usage to make a purchasing decision. Although a highly efficient energy star appliance would cost more upfront, its reduced power consumption can help defray the initial investment. The ROI is good over a longer period.


For the windows which need the light to shine, just use one way mirror tint. Light will reflect most of the sun and one can still see easy way out.

Ref: Mr. Vijay  Moghe from VJTI.

So, friends the best easy way energy saving and cliché hold good “Easy way power saved is power earned. Money saved money earned”!! This entirely collective tips for easy way to save energy is either way to practical in your day to day life. If you have a any suggestions and tips, please share with all of us.

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