Ford Shelby Mustang FP350S model Price, Features and Specs Images.

Ford Shelby Mustang FP350S launch only US model with Performance-built 5.2-litre V8. The FP350S Mustang will be eligible to compete in the Trans America. A National Auto Sport Association and Sports Car Club of America racing events from 2017.

Ford Shelby Mustang FP350S

Ford Shelby Mustang FP350S,

No power outputs have been released for the model. But its flat-plane crank engine will have links to the 5.2-litre unit of the road-going Shebly GT350R that produces 526bhp and 429lb ft.

So expect outputs of the racing model to increase on these slightly.

Frod Shelby Mustang FP350S Interior.

Inside, the Ford Shelby Mustang FP350S features a completely stripped-out interior with Sparc bucket seats and an FIA-compliant six-point roll cage.

Racing suspension and a high-performance brake system are among several chassis modifications to optimize the Mustang for circuit racing.

The Ford Shelby Mustang FP350S car sits on 19inch wheels as standard. But lighter 18 inch forged items are available as an option.

The bodywork of Ford Shelby Mustang FP350S features custom panels, a Ford Performance slitter and an adjustable carbon fiber rear wing.

Ford Shelby Mustang FP350S Price:

No pricing has been released at this stage, and the only confirmed market for the Ford Shelby Mustang FP350S model is North America.

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Quite simply, it is a track-only Shelby Mustang that you will soon be able to walk in and place an order for at your local Ford dealership. Where buyers will be able to purchase a car through regular Ford dealerships.

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