What math blogs like Creta Class are there to help my child learn?

Teaching math is a challenge. Depending on your children’s level of understanding and ability, there are many ways for them to study math. Everyone has unique learning styles and preferences that may affect their learning and how they interact with others and build bridges between teachers, peers, and parents.

What math blogs like Creta Class are there to help my child learn?

There are many math blogs out there. Some provide free math ideas, while others sell downloadable curricula that can be used to structure your homeschool lessons. No matter where you go, if you start searching on Google, you’ll find a wealth of sites that can inspire and empower you in your homeschooling. Creta Class is a math learning app using which your child can excel in mathematic skills.

Math is one of the most rewarding subjects of all time, and here are some great blogs on math that parents can use to enhance their homeschool learning. Besides, good math blogs can help improve your child’s understanding of mathematics.

Creta Class

Creta Class offers a Math learning app using which your kids of 3 to 8 years can ace their early math skills all by themselves. The practice sets, animated lessons, an online math class, and blogs are excellent sources for kids to learn mathematics.

Math Munch is more than a blog.

It is a collective of bloggers, authors, and mathematically-minded people who come together to share resources, articles, and even recipes. It is devoted to helping children understand math in their own lives.

Let’s Play Math

It is a terrific resource for families to utilize when creating a mathematical curriculum. It is for parents who want to transform “math anxiety” into “math enthusiasm.” The blog provides a creative, joyful place for families to learn together through play. The blog focuses on stories, games, and hands-on maths activities for kids of all ages.

The blog “Let’s Play Math” helps parents help their children develop a mathematical mindset that will lead to success in school and life.


This blog focuses on the idea of schooling being fun and meaningful and learning from “doing” (not just from reading). They have a lot of great ideas about how kids can explore math in a real-life context, such as shopping for the week’s groceries or playing chess with an older sibling or grandparent. The informal and engaging style incorporates rich vocabulary and conversational language throughout.

The Math Dude

The Math Dude has a straightforward format that makes navigating the numerous resources a breeze. Popular features include free math worksheets for kids, articles, videos, and podcasts that help students engage mathematically with the world. Visual Patterns” allows students of all ages to make sense of mathematical patterns generated by simple algorithms.

Homeschool Life is fantastic.

It was written by two homeschooling moms with resources, book lists, and activities to bring your child through the levels of math understanding. We can all make math fun!

Dan Meyer’s Blog

It is an excellent resource for parents to connect with the Common Core standards and expectations and guide their children in problem-solving and logic. Dan Meyer blogs about his 3 act tasks (based on his TED talk) and shares how he teaches using visual cues like pictures or video, asking students questions to cause a cognitive dissonance that they then must solve themselves, and using curiosity to motivate and engage students.

The Homeschool Scientist

This is your site for those more interested in math’s scientific aspects. It is a blog all about how to encourage kids to like math and improve their math skills. The blog shows you ways to learn math visually with videos and graphics—a blog dedicated to the enjoyment of numbers for all skill levels.

Tapping Into Teens’ Math Talent

You will find some cool math projects for your children on this blog by Claudia Clark. There are links to different games and tools that kids can play with. Some parents might feel like their children aren’t learning enough math by homeschooling, so they need a podcast to supplement them. It may be helpful for those looking for something interactive and fun to listen to with their child while they drive in the car or during chores around the house. They also have a lot of fun giveaways!


Many study materials are available if you are willing to homeschool children or plan to tutor them at home. Creta class is one such platform that can help your kid excel in maths. Creta Class should be your first choice if you are looking for math classes for kids. Check out their website to know more.

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