Freelance Employee vs Contractor Life and Job Differences

Freelance Employee vs Contractor Job: Freelance life Vs Office Life Which One Better? Believe that every job, whether it’s a freelance position or full-time office employment on contract has its pros and cons. If you have ever wondered about the employee vs contractor differences. Take a look at these beautiful illustrations showing: What working from home is like compared to a regular office job. Or in other word freelance work vs independent contractor work.

Freelance Employee vs Contractor Life

So, let’s start our freelance vs full time job comparison and their pro and cons for you. This will definitely help you to select your employment contract against freelance contract.

Freelance vs Full Time Job:

Freelance life vs Office Life:

Differences of Freelance vs full time work skills:

Employee vs Contractor Job Interview:

Difference between freelance and independent contractor:

Freelance vs full time working hours:

Freelance versus employee leaves and vacation:

Contractor vs employee work reactions:


Independent contractor vs employee:


Employee vs independent contractor job profile:


Contractor vs employee lunchtime checklist:

Employee vs independent contractor irs:

Employee vs independent contractor 20 factor test:

Independent contractor vs employee working spaces:

Employee vs contractor test for way to work:

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Know more about employee vs contractor criteria:

So, friends this is some funny but informative employee vs contractor life. What do you think after go over this entire features and characteristics of Freelance life vs Office Life Which One Better? and share with us via comment bellow. Stay tuned for more updates on same subjects and related topics from kadvacorp.

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