Modern House Design Ideas – Contempory Architecture in Heraklion

Modern House Design Ideas: The residence is positioned in a quiet new community of the Mediterranean town of Heraklion, now not a long way distance the metropolis’s middle. The flat, extended nook plot gives perspectives of the town and has a southern orientation. This family residence changed into designed for the desires of a young couple and its small kids. It develops in four tiers, hosting the dwelling quarters on the overground ground floor and the slumbering quarters on the ground-floor level. The latter, is open to the lawn this is shaded by way of the primary extended volume which hosts some other non-public bedroom and open-air areas excised from its two corners. The truthful-confronted concrete volume features as a safe haven each for the lawn and the subjacent important dwelling space. Its vibrant color is contrapuntal of the olive-green base that incorporates the opposite bedrooms -which will finally be hidden by using the climbing flora of the tensed inox-rope fence.

Modern House Design Ideas.

Modern House Design Ideas,

Contemporary House Architecture Design Brief:

The residence is born by way of its southern, extrovert, certain area. From the outset, the sculptural gesture arises from this sunny situation: the modern residence is bent by using the sun. The expanded concrete facade is with out openings, besides from an excision at the upper nook which well-known shows an out of doors area open to western views of the city.

The decrease curve receives the light on the intermediate principal degree, incorporating the staircase to the top ground. The volume acts now not best as a receptor of the private top premises of rest, but additionally as a safe haven for the semi-open enlargement of the residence and its garden. Its interior leads to a hidden excision of the roof, on the jape corner. There, a small pool serves as an outside bath.

The decrease level that’s advance as a rigid dark base is also introvert. The coping with of curves in this paintings targets at a aggravating managing of void and light. Accordingly, a successive interpenetration of closed, semi-open and open-air spaces is created: The house is curved, twisted, excised, following the field’s forces -natural or urban. The basically playful facade appears to revel in the contrapuntal complicity of its neighboring condominium blocks.

Contemporary Architecture Characteristics:

The structural layout is inseparable from the form itself: the assisting on the lawn’s stage is progressively altering from a circular metal column, to a square concrete one, on the way to finish to the corner monolithic wall upon which the facade rests freely. Its Japanese vertical slot lets in the thermal expansion and contraction. Inside the interior, the vertical blinds provide privateness and shield from the jape mild, passing their deep red coloration to its innermost recess.

The monochromatic kitchen recedes to the west, even as its perforated metal shutter acts as a magnet of light all through both day and night time. The underground take a look at area, as well as the staircase leading to it, are of dark green shade -a natural continuation of the exterior garden. Inside the parking space, a circular neon wreath across the crucial column is complementary to the car’s manually rotating ring.

Within the lighter higher ground alternatively, it is the glass pane frames which can be curve following the vaulted roof. The metal column remains oxidized and dark -even as the lights spots run along its axis. The west facade stays blind, in addition to the jap one -concealing a liquid, receptive indoors.

Contemporary Residential Architecture Fact File:

  • Architects: Tense Architecture Network
  • Location: Crete Region, Greece
  • Project Team: Tilemachos Andrianopoulos, Kostas Mavros
  • Project Year: 2016
  • Photographs: Petros Perakis
  • Manufacturers: LafargeHolcim
  • Collaborating Architects: Thanos Bampanelos, Grigoris Stavridakis
  • Structural Design: Athanasios Kontizas
  • Building Technology: Arvanitis Spiros, Tzouanakis Stathis.


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