Bizarre ideas for climate protection

The ice caps are back, take weather extremes, and species are dying out. The effects of climate change will increase dramatically in the coming years. Therefore, the so-called geo-engineering measures are again in the spotlight.

Bizarre ideas for climate protection

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Bizarre ideas for climate protection kadvacorp.com

The SRM (Solar Radiation management method) works along the lines of volcanoes. Fine sulfur particles are to reach up into the stratosphere, where it reflects the sun’s rays. This would have a cooling effect on Earth. This method would bring quick results, but has all sorts of disadvantages.

How should the tons be of sulfur particles into the stratosphere? Some theoretical approaches that are not implemented are good, as long as another risk cannot be excluded drought. The earth would be cool though, but the climate change is still unstoppable. In the tropics, it would be too cold and the polar caps will still continue to melt. It can also lead to drought, when the CO2 levels continue to rise and the atmosphere will be cooled. At the moment, only the computer model of the SRM method will remain.

Clouds “bleech”

Cloud bleaching is a new idea of geo-engineering. The method includes the spreading of salt water into the clouds. Thus, the clouds would be white and reflect more sunlight. Two scientists discovered this idea in 2006. Today, it employs a panel of 20 experts.

Glacier freeze

Slawek Tulaczyk, a glacier expert at the University of California at Santa Cruz, believes that the greatest impact of climate change was the rise in sea level. For this would be mainly due to the glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica. You should pump out the melt water; freeze it again with nitrogen to adhere to the glacier.

The Geo-Engineering fought only the symptoms. A real solution to the climate problem in the world is though. Of possible long-term impact of the projects will also not speak.

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