Managing waste in an efficient way

A waste compactor is very often used in places where voluminous trash is generated. It reduces the size of the waste material by compacting it. This process makes the disposal of waste easier as the size of the waste material is greatly reduced.

The waste is usually reduced to one-tenth of its original size in this process. These waste compactors are available in many shaped and sizes and are most commonly driven by hydraulic mechanism.

Managing waste in an efficient way

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Waste compactors are basically of two types: static and portable. The portable compactors have an advantage that when they are, the entire unit of the compactor can be lifted and taken to the specified site for emptying.

Three major areas where waste compactors are used are: residential, commercial and municipal. In residential areas trash compactors are used which are specially designed for residences. Their main use is in the reduction of the volume of garbage.

A very common example of residential use of trash compactor is in the reduction of the volume of polystyrene. These mostly have hydraulic or manual driving mechanism. In commercial area the major use of waste compaction is in hospitality industry.

Fast food centres, restaurants and hotels use waste compaction to reduce the volume of waste that is non-recyclable. This also helps them to curb the menace of rodents and smell. The compactors that are used commercially mostly have electric or hydraulic driving mechanism.

These machines are available with different loading configurations. A few commonly available loading configurations are: ground access, walk-on and secured indoor chute.

Many compactors also have the feature of automatic loading. Automatic loading helps in saving the cost of labour, makes the process fast and also ensures safety at the site.

The construction of these compactors is usually done by heavy duty steel using the process of welding. This is done in order to ensure that the machine withstands high pressure and exposure to various elements that are present in the waste.

Every waste compactor is built to meet the exact standards and specifications. This ensures safety, good performance, reliability and longevity of the compacting machine.

Many business houses use rental services provided by brands for reducing their waste by compaction.

Cost effective rental agreements are available and they include service and the normal repair cost of the machine. This service is very useful as the businesses can save a huge amount and manage their waste well.

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