First Feelings of Sensation and Conception in Life! You must miss it

First Feelings of Sensation and Conception in Life at this time, I am not going to discuss or review material things. Not going to describe art or architecture nor technology and science. Then, an immediate question came in to your mind that, what this fellow want to do. What ? Just relax, my dear fellas, here I request you all to theft some moment from your most expensive routines, and come to this board. Here I suggest that just leave all your surroundings. And just live yours. Be a your self because once again i remind all of my dear friends that what ever we talked is not a materialistic, but its totally non materialistic phenomena.

Feelings of Sensation and Conception in Life

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Life’s first feelings summary

What is it? Actually when we think that is not new thing. Oh, don’t discourage your self. we just re collect our own life. here with me, lets start some not forgettable but temporary liveable moments, our self life. Dear Friends, just try to recollect your thought and create your own picture of that moment, which we are going to re memorize once again, and with that lets start with:

  • First Breath of my life in this world,
  • First Cry of my childhood,
  • First word of my life,
  • First step of my life with my parents/love ones,
  • First Voice/Music/Song I heard in my life,
  • First word I learn to speak,
  • First Gift of my life,
  • First day of my School,
  • First Friend of my Life,
  • First Attraction/Crush of life,
  • First feeling of Love,
  • First Winning moment of life,
  • First Prize of life,
  • First Ride of bye cycle/bike/car,..etc.
  • First Day of my work/office.
  • First Romance,
  • First Rain/seasons,
  • First Thrill of physical relationship,
  • First Movie with friends,
  • First Trip with friends,
  • First Fight,
  • First Bath
  • First Jump
  • First Discovery.

Hey fellas… Am I right??? This is some important moments in everybody’s life in part. just give your self some moments and remember with me or just visualized the scenario. May it’s not all time good for every body but it’s individual and personal first feelings and it’s their only, may be personally too. but it is there, it is every person’s life. It is different life to life, person to person, place to place.

So, just not to go in much deep and we are continue with some more and never forgotten moments in our/us life. That is precious, may it laugh me, angry me, cry me but it’s my/our. Just our.

Life’s first feelings YouTube:

first feelings, first feelings,





  • First News of be a father/mother,
  • First Salary,
  • First movement of my baby,
  • First Cry of my child,
  • First Smile of my child,
  • First Steps of my baby,
  • First Teeth of my baby,
  • First Fall down,
  • First Scrawling of my child,
  • First House,
  • First Hug of my child/loved ones,
  • First Compromise for ours,
  • First Demand by loved ones,
  • First Kiss,
  • First New cloths,
  • First Attraction/Crush of life,
  • First Affair,……. 😉

And it is count less ” First feelings ” which we generally ignored or not considered in out day to day life, but it is such a great moments that is actually fuel of our life. Yes my friends, yes. When I also feel some depressed/sad,when I remember all this kind of moments. But today here, when ever, you just live yours moments with this words of just ink. But the value of those moments can not compared with any materialistic world or things.

first feelings, first feelings,

So,fellas, I would like to say just when ever, where ever, and any time, carved out some niche of time for those moments, who actually your asset and give your time to those remembrance of life.

Best of forever…….My Friends,.

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