Go Green make Charge iPhone with Wind Power

Hello Folks,…. Go Green make Charge iPhone with Wind Power is about when you think of using wind to generate power you can’t help but think of the large wind farms which are beginning to spring up across the country. If you have ever seen a wind farm you will agree that the view is stunning. Large wind turbines dot the landscape usually as far as the eye can see. Walking up to one of these turbines, the viewer can’t fathom how something so large can be moved with just a small amount of wind and how in doing so electricity is created.

Go Green make Charge iPhone with Wind Power

What we need to remember is that creating power from wind doesn’t have to occur on such a grand scale. It could be used to power even the smallest of devices including your iPhone. Such an accessory for this purpose has been designed by Tjeerd Veenhoven, a self-described 3D interior and exterior designer from The Netherlands. The iFan allows you to harness the “green” power of the wind, but it does have its drawbacks.Charge your iPhone with wind power

The designer says that the device, made by utilizing a modified computer fan, needs about six hours to charge iphone with wind. That’s a bit longer than the traditional charger you plug into a wall, but with wind power at least you’re carbon neutral! Of course, improvements in the design of the fan blades may improve the speed at which it charge iphone with wind, but so does holding it outside your car window according to the designer.

Charge your iPhone with wind power2

One clever way to speed things up a bit is to connect the iFan to a bicycle. This is a practical application now being offered up by the iFan’s creator and one which not only powers up your iPhone ( charge iphone with wind ), but keeps you in shape as well.

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So, friends this is all about Go Green make Charge iPhone with Wind Power, hope you enjoy it.

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