Award Winning Design of Museum of Fine Arts Tainan by Shigeru Ban

Hello Folks,…. Award Winning Design of Museum of Fine Arts Tainan by Shigeru Ban with an agenda to promote arts culture and tourism in Taiwan’s cultural capital, the museum will foster the research of arts, literature and history, while exhibiting local talent.

distinguished Japanese architect shigeru ban has been awarded first prize in an international competition to design and construct the tainan museum of fine arts. the project, which will promote the development of Taiwan’s emerging cultural significance, serves as a platform to encourage research and understanding on the themes of art, literature and history.

Award Winning Design of Museum of Fine Arts Tainan by Shigeru Ban

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Ban’s design comprises a series of assorted volumes stacked beneath a pentagonal roof canopy. the staggered program then cascades across the site, forming the museum’s landscaping and establishing engaging spatial relationships that define the winning scheme.

Cascading volumes featuring an auditorium, classrooms and exhibition galleries will be capped with a pentagonal roof canopy and softened with lush terraces and landscaping. An outdoor sculpture park and public recreation area will allow the museum’s inner contents to bleed into its surroundings and activate the city.

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an emphasis is placed on educational facilities, with a 350 seat auditorium accompanied by classrooms of various sizes, while the surrounding landscape boasts an external sculpture park that serves as an extension of internal gallery space. alongside public areas of recreation, the institution features green initiatives intended to ensure that the project is as sustainable as possible.

Project Description

Being the capital of culture, Tainan City holds profound arts culture. To promote the development of Tainan’s fine arts culture and industry, Tainan city government planning to build a fine art museum consisting of both national standard and local cultural features. Government intent to provide professional aesthetic exhibition facilities and supreme cultural environments in order to create a developing platform for local culture and hoping to drive the researches on arts, literature and history as well as the development of future arts in Tainan.

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Building Tainan Museum of Fine Arts is a turnkey project, and for this project, the construction budget is approximately NT$1,780 million. The Tainan City Government is expecting to build a public museum of art with features of green environment, promotion of arts ducation, tourism, recreation and local arts display.

We sincerely welcome the domestic and overseas construction companies and excellent architects to participate the design competition, and join the centurial important cultural project for Tainan City.

Design Requirements

The project area shall not be less than the total demand for 26,400 m2 (excluding the former Tainan police base accordance with the regulations of the parking space required).

1 exhibition space : Includes permanent exhibition space, the general exhibition space, a special display space.

  1. Collection Room  : Includes art warehouse, finishing repair work area, study space and other ancillary space.

3 arts promotion and education space  : Art Resource Center contains educational classroom experience, and can accommodate up to 150 seats and 350 seats stepped seat lecture theater.

  1. Operating space : Containing souvenirs, bookstores, restaurants, cultural and creative trafficking zones
  2. Services space : Includes entrance hall, ticket office, cloakroom space, elevators, stairwells, toilets, nursing rooms, mechanical and electrical facilities and equipment space.

6 Parking space : Provide people visit, the staff, the service vehicle parking function.

7 outdoor landscape spaces : Base for outdoor green space, should provide outdoor sculpture exhibition space, or support the extension function indoor exhibition space, outdoor landscape and facilitate the overall planning of outdoor sculpture shows a green art space with recreational and ornamental.

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Anticipated benefits

  1. To raise Tainan local cultural of art to an international level , create a platform to connect between international art and Tainan art and increase the exposure of Tainan cultural of art in international circumstance.
  • Through perfect preservation, sorting and repairing of collections as well as research to provide a systematic collection for Tainan City Arts assets.
  • By using the effectiveness of arts gathering to attract more talented artists to Tainan, thus contributing to the economic development.
  • Art museum surrounding area has been announced for urban renewal. The completion of the museum will effectively promote urban renewal, improving the street environment and historical appearances reproduce.

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