Man angry as nobody targets him on social media using his online private data

Mumbai: Local man has become angry and frustrated as he is ignored on social media by all political parties and ad companies. Jay Patel, 35, told our reporter with anger, “I have put everything personal  on my Facebook account. It’s all public. I have been waiting to get targeted by any political party and no political party is targeting me. It’s just so bad”.

“Please someone respond with anger on my post!”
“Please someone respond with anger on my post!”

JAY, a software person, continued, “We all know about Facebook Cambridge analytica scandal. It has been months since it has been in public. We definitely know that political parties target Facebook users online all over the world. Then why is no political party targeting me? What have I done to get shunned online? I have been waiting to get some targeted news feed in my Facebook feed.”

Frustrated local resident added, “A friend of mine suggested to put everything about me on Facebook account. I did so. I even added screenshots of my google search terms on my Facebook. I have done same thing on Twitter also”.

But all political parties from left and right spectrum have just ignored me. I feel so less as I am getting no ads from all other online retailers of food, cloths, hotels too.”

Almost tearful Jay asked our reporter, “Why is this happening to me?  I am almost like a ghost for everyone online even though I have my all data publicly available online. I have been waiting for being targeted by Congress, BJP, flipcart, Amazon,  Myntra, Democratic Party, republican party, Labour Party and so many others. All just ignored me.”

Jay has also shared his Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, Skype and some other account handles  along with what’s app details with our reporter to publish. 

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