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TR HOUSE – FIORANO MODENESE (MO) 2022_ duePIU Architects

The project curated by duePIU architects aimed to convert, for residential use a rustic located on 1.5 hectare of land overlooking the countryside.

Traditional features and materials are maintained but combined with more modern elements, respecting the roots.

The outcome is a residence that draws upon the past but has a markedly contemporary vibe, providing an interesting contrast with the modern interior.

TR HOUSE – FIORANO MODENESE (MO) 2022_ duePIU Architects

One of the main goals of the design was to bring the extensive view of the hills indoor.

The distribution and size of the projected openings allows the visual and physical connection between the interior and exterior.

Skylights bring in even more natural light, enhancing the effect of bringing the outdoors inside.

In the extra large kitchen, the custom sculptural island with integrated dining table creating a cosy focal point in the dining area.

Minimal sliding windows open up the kitchen to the balcony and the panoramic view over the countryside.

This apartment is distributed over two floors. The first floor houses the entrance hall, the dining and living room, the kitchen, a storage space and guest area with a bathroom.

Three bedrooms, three bathroom have been planned on the upper floor.

We go upstairs via the beautiful oak and bronze staircase, an architectural element that plays a dominant role in the entire project.

The rooms are spacious and bright, designed according to an idea of fluid space which is suitable to accommodate a big family and their needs.

Furniture and lighting play an essential role in creating a light and comfortable interior.

A neutral and warm material palette is used throughout the house, with different types of wood and natural stone to create a contemporary and relaxed atmosphere.

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